Personal LaserWriter NTR

The Personal LaserWriter NTR was a networkable 4-page-per-minute Postscript laser printer designed to work with PCs (via parallel port) as well as Macs. It was the first LaserWriter to use an AMD CPU instead of a Motorola 68000 or 68030.

Apple Personal LaserWriter

The 1990 through 1992 Personal LaserWriter models are built around the Canon LBP-LX print engine.


  • Introduced 1992.03 at $3,299; discontinued 1993.09
  • CPU: 16 MHz AMD29005
  • ROM: 2 MB
  • RAM: 3 MB, expandable to 4 MB using 80ns 72-pin RAM
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Speed: 8 pages per minute
  • Engine: Canon LBP-LX
  • Interfaces: RS-422/232, parallel port
  • Languages: Postscript, Diablo, HP LaserJet (PCL4+)
  • Accessory Port: none
  • SCSI Drive Support: no
  • Size (H/W/D): 8.0″ x 15.0″ x 18.3″
  • Weight: 29.5 lb.
  • Power Supply: 600W
  • Upgrade Path: none

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