Mac LC Index

This index cover the Macintosh LC series, Apple’s first low-cost color Macs. (68040-based LCs are also listed on the Quadra page.) The LC series was one of the most popular in Apple’s history.

LCs with built-in monitors are listed in the 500-series index.

Speedometer score is CPU rating relative to Classic (Speedo 3) and Quadra 605 (Speedo 4).

model MacBench (v. SE) Speedometer 3/4 MIPS
LC 1.8 3.3/ 2.6
Performa 400-430
1.7   /0.22 3.9
Performa 450
3.6 6.9/0.43 6.3
Performa 460
4.6 8.3
LC 475
Quadra 605
10.3 22.0

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