Vintage Mac 400K Floppy Drive Repeating Click of Death

2001 – Packaged in a plain beige case with a single DA-15 connector, this single-sided 400K floppy drive (model #M130) works with early Macintosh computers. The “Click of Death” likely occurs on drives that have not been adequately dusted or as a secondary result of restoration by the liberal application of lubricant.

Apple Okays Field Repair of TiBook and iBook, WallStreet Hinge Repair Page, and More

2001-07-06: Newest ‘Books now okay for non-Apple warranty repair. WallStreet hinge repair page. $100 FireWire/USB enclosure. More ‘Book news. Apple Reauthorizes Apple Specialist Servicing of PowerBooks WallStreet Hinge Repair Page Posted Kensington TripleTreks FlapOver PowerBook Case at Small Dog SK 2.5 FireWire/USB Combo Enclosure for $99.99 VST 3 GB FireWire Drive for $100 Cool, Homemade TiCase […]

Memory Card Speed Matters

2001: All CompactFlash cards are not created equal. Just as some hard drives and CD-ROMs are much faster than others, some memory cards are faster than others.

Why Does Adobe Hate Apple?

2001 – Thanks to some articles posted this week, I’ve finally figured out why Adobe is shunning Mac users and skipping Macworld Expo this month – they’re trying to pressure Apple into not releasing one or more new software products.