1984, Round 2

2001: Apple seems to be on a roll these days. Knock your socks off hardware, a new assault on the education market, accolades for their software efforts – and the list goes on.

The Exclusivist Mac

2001: Last time I outlined the basic Mac Populist user. To recap: The Mac Populist believes that Macs should appear on every desk in every home and office. Their interpretation of “The Computer for the Rest of Us” is that the Mac is a computer meant for the mass market, and its destiny is to […]

The Populist Mac

2001: My previous article, The Computer for the Best of Us, stirred up quite a few emails. Some were angry; others agreed with my opinion. What became clear, however, was that there are two interpretations of “The Computer for the Rest of Us”.

The Computer for the Best of Us

2001: Charles Moore recently wrote a short piece on Applelinks, Macs Still Cost Too Much, discussing how Macs are too expensive when compared to PCs. While hardly one to drag an old argument out of the closet (Macs have better components, Macs last longer, etc.), I will admit that Charles does have a point.

All That for $129?

2001: As of this Saturday, the single largest system software release since the Mac’s inception is ready for public consumption (finally!). Mac users will no longer have to endure the slings and arrows of the Wintel crowd regarding protected memory. Mac users will no longer have to put up with crazy extensions bringing the system […]

Apple’s Biggest Challenge: Overcoming Stereotypes

2001: Several articles have recently touted the fact that Apple wants to compete directly with Sony in the digital appliance market. This is all well and good. Moving beyond the “computer” market and into new spaces that service Jobs’ “digital lifestyle” is a good idea – a good idea that will face an uphill battle, […]

Down the Digital Lifestyle Road

2001: Enough hay has been made of the recent softening of the PC market to last us until next year. The PC is dead! The vultures fly around the PC market! Consumers abandon PCs in droves! Handhelds are where it’s at! Unfortunately, while Steve Jobs may not always be right, he’s probably pretty close with […]

Inside the Box

2001: After shaking up the computer world with sleek hardware designs, Apple is finally getting serious about pushing “the other half” of its business: software. What’s inside the box is essential to the Apple business, but it is widely ignored in print and ad campaigns. After all, a curvy iMac looks much better on a […]

Two Steps Back, One Step Forward

2000: Apple has twice as many hurdles to overcome with its new machines. Right now, things are looking up for Mac users. If you want a new machine, you can buy now at a good price. You won’t suffer too much on the performance front (you hope) when Apple releases new machines (we hope) at […]

OS X: Take the Bitter with the Better

2000: Like it or not, Mac OS X will be a reality in a few short months. All of the hand-wringing, hair tearing, and general sighs of resignation (along with a few cheers) will be done, and OS X will make its debut – and it’s in your best interest to swallow the medicine (sweet […]

AAPL: Back in the Toilet

2000: Way back when, Apple stock was in the toilet, trading at $11 a share. Don’t look now, but the earnings forecast that came out on Tuesday brought investors close to that same spot. On Wednesday, AAPL closed at 14-5/16. Not a pretty sight.

Leveraging Apple Design

2000: A rip off of Apple’s G4 Cube appeared at Comdex last week. While we’ve heard nothing yet from Apple legal, it’s a sure bet that Apple will throw a lawsuit at DA Computing as soon as they’ve researched the matter a little.

Apple Abandoned Innovation

2000: In a previous article, I mentioned that Jesse Berst was jumping the gun by saying that Apple was offering nothing new. A particularly astute reader pointed out that, in fact, Apple has indeed stopped innovating. This reader was obviously a Mac lover and was in no way bashing me or Apple. So, has Apple […]

Bring Back Beige

2000: The buzz in building around Mac OS X. If early signs are any indication, OS X will be the hit Apple hopes it will be. A good indicator of the popularity of the new operating system is the demand from the Wintel side to have OS X ported to their hardware of choice. With […]

Motorola: No More Speed to Give

2000: Apple’s partnership with Motorola has deteriorated into a comedy of errors over the last year or so. Production problems, pricing fiascoes, and hitting the MHz brick wall have all contributed to a black eye for Apple.

Be Thankful for Apple Secrecy

2000: There was a time (so I’m told) that Apple leaked like a sieve with bullet holes in it. Everyone knew which products were coming out and when. Specs were freely available, and rumors were often true. What a long way Apple has come.

Berst Misses the Boat Again

2000: If the PC press can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist. In the wake of the success of Macworld Expo, Jesse Berst felt that he had to get in his digs somehow. I quote: “Apple is painting itself into a corner and the latest releases prove it.”

Apple Is Not Your Friend

2000: The Register (among other news outlets) recently ran an article on how Apple has been strong-arming the AdCritic website into removing Apple ads. It seems that the Apple legal department has a problem with the ads running on the AdCritic site.

Apple + Corel = A Software Powerhouse?

2000: If you’ve been paying attention to the tech headlines, Corel* has been making a lot of noise lately. With its big Linux push, its purchase of a number of MetaCreations products, its failed negotiations with Inprise, and its recent announcement that it may go bankrupt, Corel has been making waves (or at least thrashing […]