Choosing VPN Service for Mac OS Mojave

Mac users who want to get the most out of their computer without comprising their security or privacy can use a virtual private network (VPN) to access geo-blocked content without being traced. Modern VPNs offer a wide range of features and benefits that prevent hackers from access data in transit to or from a computer.

Today, we explore some of the best VPN services that work exceptionally well with Mac OS Mojave.


ExpressVPN is popular with Mac users and critics alike because of its fast speed and unlimited bandwidth. It’s perfect for Mac because of its high-end, media-driven capabilities. Users can stream audio and video in HD and download sizable files efficiently.

Express VPN currently runs on 1,500 services in 93 countries. The 256-bit AES encryption gives express VPN the level of security that Mac users expect in a VPN. ExpressVPN also has a no-log policy. Therefore, all activity to or from the IP address is completely untraceable.

Something else that users will appreciate is the network lock, a kill switch that completely shuts down activity if a security breach is detected. ExpressVPNs Mac app offers a split-tunneling feature that allows users to pick and choose which apps they want to channel through the tunnel. This makes it perfect for unblocking popular streaming sites such as Amazon Prime, Hulu, or Netflix.


Nord has an extensive network of over 2,000 services spread across nearly 60 countries. Like any high-end VPN, Nord does not keep logs of any connections or activity. Therefore, all activity is untraceable. Nord utilizes military-grade encryption to provide superior protection from hackers, Internet providers, and government entities trying to infiltrate a user’s computer.

Nord is known for its outstanding live customer support that is available directly from its website. Users can also depend on a fool-proof two-level kill switch for both the app and full switch that shuts down all activity. Nord also throws in DNS leak protection as an added layer.

Account holders are given six simultaneous connections across multiple devices. Each device is protected by specialized servers that can perform a wide range of tasks including anti-DDoS, double-hop VPN, Tor over VPN, ultra-fast streaming, and more. Nord also gives users access to otherwise blocked services such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, and Netflix. All a user has to do is choose which server can unblock the service.

Nord offers two different types of MacOS apps. Known as the Legacy App the first is available as a download straight from the website and uses an OpenVPN protocol. Users can also download the app from the Apple App store. The App store version operates on an IKEv2 protocol instead of OpenVPN. This should provide the same level service at a near-fast speed as an open source VPN.

Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN for Mac offers secure tunneling protocols such as IKEv2 and OpenVPN, 500+ servers from 50 countries, and unlimited torrenting bandwidth. It’s a critic’s favorite because of its unmatched security. After several tests in various capacities, Surfshark ranked high across the board for its remarkable security, with no leaks and viruses found.

Surfshark is currently getting ready to release a downloadable iOS format for PC. when this happens, it will make it a top player in the VPN arena. Users can count on complete privacy across all devices and platforms. Surfshark also has a no-logs policy, allows access to Netflix, and allows torrenting with fast torrenting speed. They currently have two protocols available: the OpenVPN and the IKEvs2. The open protocol can easily switch between UDP and TCP.

Surfshark has many of the features that make it a win with Mac users. It’s available on several devices, has a super-fast intuitive kill-switch, router compatibility, unblocks all restricted website, and allows TOR in conjunction with a user’s personal service. All of this is fully backed by reliable & responsible customer support with no hassle.


One of the distinguishing features of Cyberghost is that it allows users to choose their server by country and by purpose. A user can choose a server that unblocks US Netflix or one that allows them to utilize P2P filesharing. Cyberghost has recently expanded its network to include a total of 1,000 servers across 30 countries.

It’s perfectly capable of unblocking Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and other popular streaming services. Users will quickly notice how fast the VPN operates across all devices for both audio and video streaming. Like the other VPN services on the list, Cyberghostdoes no store logs of user data. It offers exceptional protection with 256-encryption that shields Mac users on the Internet. Data traveling to or from a Mac computer cannot be intercepted or viewed by hackers.

Additional features include malware and ad blocking, anti-trafficking, and automatic HTTPS redirect.


IPVanish has been around for quite a while and has established a reputation as a reliable VPN provider. Though not the largest provider — 850 servers in more than 60 countries — IPVanish makes up for it by offering some of the fastest speeds and consistent connection of any VPN provider in the industry.

IPVanish uses standard 256-bit AES encryption and perfect forward secrecy across all devices. This makes it a top draw with users who want the best protection for the money. IPVanish also offers a dependable kill switch, traffic obfuscation, DNS leak protection, and IPv6leak protection. Users have the option to switch from one option to the next seamlessly. IP Vanish also allows users to set their IP address and stores zero activity or connection logs.

One of the few drawbacks to IPVanish is that it’s not the best VPN for accessing streaming services. However, it’s one of the best P2Ptraffic and Kodi providers on the market. The app is easy to use on all devices. Users will also appreciate how easy it is to set up and configure.

When choosing a VPN service, users need to look for VPNs that are best for Mac computers. While nearly all VPNs are compatible with Mac, some VPNs such as the examples listed above have features that work best with Mac computers. With the ongoing threat of malware, phishing, and hacks worldwide, VPNs offer the best possible protection for Mac users who don’t want to settle for anything less than the best.