Not only is the Mac OS quite customizable, especially with destop images, appearance sets, and fonts, but the computer itself can be customized. I've heard of one user who put a CD-ROM drive inside a Mac II, another who painted his SE/30 bronze.

These are their stories. Just remember to be careful if you decide to customize your own Mac.

  • Stone flecked Classic, 6/8. This popular process covers the drab beige or platinum finish with a stone-lick appearance.
  • Ze PowerSuitcase, 6/2. Inside a metal Smith-Corona typewriter case beats the heart of a Quadra 700.
  • Compubrick 160, 1/18. Would you believe a PowerBook 160 converted to desktop use with plastic blocks?
  • The bronze SE/30, 1/10. A look at a "bronzed" SE/30 customized by Gary Thornton.

Do you have a story about a customized Mac you'd like to share? Send it to Dan Knight at Low End Mac.

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