My First Mac

Detour on the Dark Side

Kurt W. Appling - June 1999

I was first shown how Macs are supposed to work in printing school, where the instructor used them, owned them, and swore by them - because the student could foul things up so bad and he was able to clean install and have it going again.

My first Mac was a Umax SuperMac S900/233. Then I found I couldn't use any of the cool games on Umax S900Lit - or the peripheral devices. So I looked at Orange Micro DOS cards. At those prices I realized I could buy a second machine, and any thing would plug in.

Worst waste of money in my life!

I'm so used to the forgiving easy-to-fix-myself Mac. My IBM was in the shop 14 times in 11 months, so I gave it to my nurse. Now its her headache. She doesn't understand the basic fundamental difference between them, but if more people did, Microshaft would have gone out of business long ago.

I love my Mac. Though its aggravating sometimes, I can always find the annoyance and fix it. It keeps me occupied and away from PCs.

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