Most Common Internet Connectivity Issues and How to Resolve Them

As the digital world continues to evolve, we are more connected than ever before. We rely on seamless internet connections throughout our daily lives, both at home and at work. Unfortunately, we all experiences glitches with our internet connectivity, and there are many reasons why it happens. Here we explore some of the most common internet connectivity issues with Mac and how to resolve them.

Assess your Router

If you cannot see any connectivity issues on the Mac itself, it may be your router that is causing the issues. Firstly, test that your router is operating as it should. Most routers are equipped with signals that tell you when it is experiencing issues, such as a red flashing light. To reset your router, start by turning it off for at least 10 seconds. Once it is back on again, try re-connecting. If there is still no connection, speak to your internet provider.

Check Cables, Sockets and Plugs

If your computer connects to your internet through an ethernet cable, make sure the cables, plugs and sockets are all working correctly. If you have any spares, try swapping them out to figure out which component is faulty. If your connectors have come to the end of their life, you may need to invest in new components. Companies such as RS Components have a variety of plugs, sockets and cables that will allow you to effectively re-connect your Mac to your internet source.

Try to Isolate the Issue

We may think that our Mac cannot connect to the internet at all, but sometimes the problem is caused by a single app or website. Try to figure out if this is the case by closing the current app or website you are using. Connect to a different app or enter a new URL into your web browser and see if this works. If it does, you know that it is the app or site that is the problem. In the first instance, try deleting the problem app and reinstalling.

Dig into the Details

If you can’t figure out what is causing your internet connectivity issues, try running network diagnostics. Often, if your Mac detects a problem, it will displace a network diagnostics button in your browser. If you don’t see this button, you can launch it manually by selecting Apple menu > System Preferences > Network > Assist Me > Diagnostics. Simply work through the questions and the system will either repair the problem itself or give you possible causes of the problem.