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The Menagerie of Macs - Issue 7

The Menagerie of Macs

Issue #7 - July 1999

Welcome to Issue #7 of the Menagerie of Macs!


Editor's Note

I have a confession to make. I've been faltering. Yes, the die hard Mac user who has spent a good amount of time saying how much PCs suck has been peeking at what IBM and Compaq have to offer.

I like what they. A PC computer will let get on the internet and send e-mail, write assignments and reports, do work with Photoshop, and play lots and lots of games. But there's more. It's incredible cheap. In Canada a blueberry iMac with an Epson 740 will cost me about $2200. But I can get a 366 MHz Compaq with a 4.3 Gig hard drive, 64 MB of RAM, a 56 K modem, and a printer for $1495.

So lately I've been asking myself some questions. Why don't I go for the cheaper system? Why don't I go with the accepted standard? Why don't I choose the platform that nobody will scoff at (except for 50 million Mac users)?

Then I remembered something. I like what they do but I hate the way they do it.

Everything about the way a PC works bothers me. The close box is on the wrong side, right beside the resize box. The file names are messed up.

One of the most personal things about a Mac, the way you set up your hard drive, is virtually nonexistent. Every Mac user does it a little differently. Some like folders categorizing everything, others leave everything on the root level, while still others have folders for the kinds of files. A peek at a PC desktop and you'll probably be faced with fifty shortcuts. The start menu is filled with things that the user might not even want there. The files for a program are all in one generic folder for Word or Excel etc. It is possible to make a folder for, say homework, but in my experience that is done. But who can forget Windows Explorer? A program that is used to look at the contents of your hard drive. Bravo Microsoft, you've outdone Apple yet again.

Ah yes, now I remember. The hardware isn't bad, if a little slow, but it's the OS that gives me the trouble. Yup, it's all coming back to me. Microsoft makes a slow, buggy, inelegant pile of code that I wouldn't trust to clean up the dust that a Mac leaves behind. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm cured!!

My advice to you is that if you falter just spend some time with a PC. It'll be a scream.

Brad Harrison,
Editor of the Menagerie of Macs

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