Mac Musings

We're Back

Daniel Knight - 2003.04.03

Site updates came to an abrupt end Tuesday morning when I pinched a nerve in my back. Thank goodness for chiropractic, pain killers, and muscle relaxants! (Not to mention a lot of sleep.)

I didn't touch my computer from then until Wednesday morning, and hardly used the TiBook at all on Wednesday. The right shoulder blade is still very tender this morning, but I'm back to work for at least the next few hours.

We're probably looking at one more spinal adjustment tomorrow to make sure everything is in place - and then I have to spend Friday afternoon in the hospital while my #3 son has a metal bar removed from his chest, so Friday updates may be a bit light, too.

I'll be concentrating on editorial content and letting the price trackers slide for the next couple days.

Just wanted to keep everyone up to date.

Next week's big project will be preparing for the fifth Best of the Mac Web survey.