Staying safe gambling online

One of the best ways to protect your Mac for the long term is to recognize potentially dangerous websites during regular Internet use.  Virus protection can help, but the most reliable way to protect your computer from scams and ensure your Mac works well past the warranty date is common sense and intuition.

As we all know, scams are everywhere from Indian call centers to the classic Nigerian prince email.  But, they are becoming more sophisticated in the modern day, and scammers are reacting to increased awareness.

More and more scams are taking place in the wide open, on frequently visited websites.  Also, we are giving our information out on a daily routine for a litany of purposes from banking, gaming, social media, and more.

Online platforms are connected the world in new and unique ways, but they are also infested with criminals who do not have your best interest in mind.  So, if you want to keep your 20-year-old Mac computers running, but you also want to take part in the online commerce community, here are some tips to stay away from dangerous websites.

Like many other entertainment sources, gambling is adapting to cater to an online audience.  Many legitimate online casinos offer patrons 24/7 access to gambling and work in accordance with legal structures in the countries they operate.

But, as with any industry, scammers are looking to take advantage of a massive influx to the online gambling and gaming industry.  Some companies will stall out when paying or refuse to honor payouts, but there are red flags gamblers can spot to avoid falling into these traps.

Licensed and regulated casinos are a gamblers best bet to ensure they will not be scammed while playing online gambling games.  Many online casinos will be regulated by a small island nation either in the Caribbean or Europe.

Along with licenses, an endorsement from an online casino watchdog group is a near surefire way to recognize you are on a legitimate site.  Watchdogs eCOGRA and the Competition & Markets Authority are good resources for gamblers new to the online space.

Reading up on the terms and conditions of an online casino also ensures you as a player will not face any unexpected surprises.  Daily withdrawal limits can hinder the progress of a big money player, so high rollers will want to examine a casino’s rules before planning to win and withdraw large amounts of money.

Players will also want to look out for casinos that do not accept a variety of deposit options.  Legitimate casinos will accept a wide range of payment options, while scams will typically stick to cash only payment.

While it may be too late to avoid a scam once you’ve reached the payout stage, it is important to be aware of the tactics some closing casinos will use to avoid paying out to gamblers.  If you are stalled by customer service and your payment is taking weeks to be deposited into your account than you might be a victim of a casino going out of business.

Some casinos will take longer to payout in order to comply with the regulations and restrictions of the gambler’s country.  But, doing your due diligence should see you avoid any disreputable online casino.

If you do choose to gamble, make sure it is on a licensed and reputable site.  This can save you considerable time, headaches, and money.  Hopefully with that extra time and money you will be able to invest some back into your Mac, allowing you to keep in running for years to come.