The 11 Most Popular Fairytale Slots

Gaming and betting have been in practice ever since antique times. The ancient people used to wager on rotating wheels, and sometimes they would even place a wager on would it rain or not! Over the course of time, the form of gambling has changed a lot. The rotating wheel gave birth to modern roulette, and with the arrival of playing cards, many betting entertainments came into practice.

Slot machines are the most modern way of gambling. Recently, a great number of them have been made available for online players. Punters can even play demo slots without download and registration.

While the punters have a chance to enjoy free machines, we would also introduce some of the most popular slots with a fairytale theme. Fairytales can be enjoyed by adults too, and in a similar manner, these casino games can be tried out by both experienced gamblers along with newbies.

Fortune Hill

Fortune Hill slot

Developed by Playtech, this machine is a perfect example of all the things glorified in any fairytale. It has a lush green meadow as its background, and there are goblins running crazy for gold. The cigar of the old magician acts as the wild card, and while the players are enjoying a warm welcome, they can also grab some of the big-ticket prizes. This slot machine comes with 25 adjustable playlines, and it offers free spins for those who visit this land of magic and happiness.

Royal Frog

Royal Frog slot

The story of the Frog Prince has been a popular fairytale, that is passed off from one generation to the other. In the story, the princess of the biggest kingdom on Earth befriends a frog, who later transforms into a charming prince.

The most amazing features of this slot machine are:

  1. Cascading wild mechanism where the wilds occupy a complete reel.
  2. The lotus flower acts as the wild card and can replace other symbols.
  3. Mega prize mechanism to reward players with jackpot prizes.

This Quickspin 3D game brings a lot for the players. Beautiful graphics and happy music form the core of this fairytale set in an aquatic world. Watch out for the lotus flower as well.

Pixies of the Forest

Pixies of the Forest slot

Would you dare to enter an enchanted forest filled with wicked but beautiful witches? Also, there are rewards hanging from every branch of the tree. Set in an imaginary forest, this machine includes the Reel Tumble feature. This feature, if triggered, can launch an avalanche of prizes for the players.

Hence, with a single spin, your fortunes can turn overnight. Jam-packed with free spins, it is a medium variance game with high reward potential. The witches of the enchanted forest are not that scary after all!

Adventures in Wonderland

Adventures in Wonderland slot

Alice in Wonderland has been a timeless gift to humanity. Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece has been widely considered as one of the most influential works of the modern world.

This classic fantasy-themed story has been adopted by many companies, but none has quite done it like Ash Gaming’s Adventures in Wonderland. Players enter the Wonderland with Alice and then get rewarded with free spins and many other extras for their bravery.

Piggies and the Wolf

Piggies and the Wolf slot

The fairytale of 3 little pigs has been a world-known affair. It has been adopted by Playtech in the Piggies and the Wolf slot machine, albeit with a comical twist. The piggies reside in their straw house, and it is the responsibility of the punter to save these cuties from being attacked by the wolf who also acts as the wild card in the machine. Newer analog of this game is Big Bad Wolf slot from Quickspin.

Stuffed into the machine are free spins and a special shuffle feature. With razor-sharp graphics and funny music, the maker’s imagination has created a machine for ages.

Dragon’s Story

Dragon’s Story slot

Hollywood has converted many medieval-themed stories into big franchises. It was the turn of slot machine developers to create something equivalent. NextGen came with the perfect adaptation of the story where a dragon guards an ancient treasure.

The punters are led into dungeons where the dragon is sleeping and under its tail lies a treasure chest. By taking a little risk, not only the players can grab the treasure, but they are also rewarded with ample free spins.

Miss White

Miss White slot

If someone says that they have never heard of the story of Snow White and 7 dwarves, they are either lying, or they have been living under a rock. This incredible story was adapted into a full-length feature film by Disney and has widely been considered as a pioneering work in the fantasy genre.

IGT has tried to infuse the same passion while creating this beautiful slot machine. The punters are treated with symbol expansion and special mirror free spin feature.

Red Riding Hood

Red Riding Hood slot

Included among the top 10 most popular children stories of all times Little Red Riding Hood is funny, entertaining, and has a moral lesson in the end. In a similar manner, this beautiful slot machine from NetEnt can be easily summarised as being wild, charming, and utterly satisfying.

High-quality graphics and incredible theme music keep the players engaged while they explore the old lands along with our cute protagonist. Keep an open eye for her favourite flower, the red rose, that can turn into a cascading wild.

Jack and the Beanstalks

Jack and the Beanstalks slot

While the movie, based on an old tale of Jack and the beans, was a huge hit, the NetEnt slot has garnered even more praises from the punters. Sharp 3D animations and funny transformations only add to the ever-charming story of Jack. The players help him in his quest as he destroys the plans of the giants to invade the Earth.

The wild wins are tripled, just like the beans which always grew in a triplet. If you become successful in winning the crown, you are entitled to become the ruler of men and giants.

Jackpot Wish

Jackpot Wish slot

Would you consider yourself lucky if there appears a jackpot every time you wished? This slot machine, set in an ancient kingdom, where human and magical creatures dwell in peace is full of jackpot rewards.

The punters would meet Puss in the Boots, Pinocchio, along with many of their friends. There is a free spin feature where the fairies come down from their abode in the sky and wave their magic wand to make free spins rain.

Wish Master Slot

Wish Master Slot

Just like Jackpot Wish, Wish Master machine promises to fulfil all your wishes. The punters are given a ride to the magical lands of Arabian Nights, and the genie comes out of the bottle to grant players 3 wishes.

With some caution and some practice, the punters can use these wishes to grab grand jackpots. It has 20 fixed playlines, but the small number of playlines cannot be the sole criterion of judging this otherwise incredible machine. The magic lamp at the service of players is sufficient enough to give this machine a big thumb up.


Fairytales have traditionally been a hit among the children. Many of these existing stories have been adopted by slot development companies in the slot machines. These slots are not only entertaining but can be quite rewarding also. Punters can enjoy some of these best online slots for free.

The demo games would be of immense help for the players before they set out to play their favourite slot machines for real money. Hence, the punters are advised to play demo rounds and ensure their network is hack proof before they sign up at any online casino.