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The iPaq Channel is a Windows-themed alternative to Low End Mac’s iMac Channel.

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The iPaq Channel

New on The iPaq Channel and Low End Win

  • The iPaq: What is Compaq thinking?, Paulo Rodrigues, iPaq Channel, 4/1. Ever the contrarian, Rodrigues finds some shortfalls in the iPaq’s design.
  • Some thoughts on going PC, Charles W. Moore, Miscellaneous Ramblings, 4/1. “It is with mixed emotions that I join Low End Mac’s transition to Low End Win.”
  • High-end build-to-order G4 vs. high-end build-to-order Dell Dimension, Charlie Ruggiero, 4/1. It’s much cheaper to run Windows apps on the Dell than on the Mac.
  • Web: Mac Junkie calls it quits, launches The Win Junkie in pursuit of the business audience.
  • Web: MacBC throws in the towel, becomes WinBC, 4/1. “…we received an email and phone call from Apple Legal telling us to cease and desist.”
  • Web: The PC Life replace Apple’s Orchard, 4/1. Formerly a good source of interesting Mac links, Apple’s Orchard has joined the Wintel defection. Hooray!
  • News: Apple Computer buys Microsoft!, Macs Only!, 4/1. Shoot, now they’ll get on everyone’s case about Window sites. Maybe we should just give up on computer sites….
  • News: Apple icon garden landscaping defaced with Microsoft look and feel, Carson Baker, Holy Mac, 4/1. “Microsoft and the others involved . . . justified their actions on the foundation of their ‘Freedom to Innovate’ network.”
  • End of the Mac Web as We Know It, Anne Onymus, Rumor Mill, 3/31.
  • Opinion: Going Wintel, Steve Wood, View Through the Window, 3/29. Once a year he gets to ditch his Macs and go Windows
  • Opinion: Aqua-skeptics are luddites, Charles W. Moore, Miscellaneous Ramblings, 3/29. “I have no interest in change for the sake of change, or in putting form before function, and I really have no time for change that makes things worse.”
  • Opinion: Complete Mac nut goes Wintel, Fred Forney, My First Wintel, 3/29. “I played around with a Pentium III for a couple days, and I was hooked.”
  • Opinion: SETI@home: Join a team, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 3/29.
  • Opinion: Game sequels, Brian Rumsey, Low End Win Gaming, 3/27. New games are great, and earlier versions will often run well on less powerful PCs.
  • Advice: Designing a computer room, part 3: The desk, Dan Knight, Wintel Musings, 3/27. “The key is designing the computer desk and office layout that meets your personal needs and fits the available space.”
  • Advice: Replacement screen for a VAIO, Julie Fugett, Win Daniel, 3/27. Options for replacing a bad screen on the PowerBook 5300.
  • Advice: Dealing with dead pixels in TFT displays, Charles W. Moore, Miscellaneous Ramblings, 3/23. Detecting and dealing with dead pixels on laptops.

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