3 Reasons Why Mobile Casinos are Growing in Popularity

A decade or two ago, the best way to play casino games was to book a trip to Las Vegas and enjoy an authentic experience. Fast-forward ten to fifteen years, and the number of people heading to traditional gambling hot spots is way down. Mobile casinos are taking over the industry, with around 74% of all bettors using a remote platform to place their wagers.

The rise in demand for mobile casinos and their current position within the sector isn’t up for debate. However, what is worth knowing is why the change has happened in such a short space of time. Here are three reasons to keep in mind.

Smartphones & Accessibility

People used to love gambling even when they had to book flights and accommodation and take time off work. So, it’s not surprising that an increase in availability has made the mobile versions very popular very quickly. There are billions of smartphones in the world, almost as many as human beings, and this trend has helped the remote wagering market flourish as anyone with an internet connection can pull out their device and start playing. Also, the web eliminates borders, meaning that there are mobile casinos in Japan just as there are in the UK, USA and Australia. This new global access means that around three-quarters of users prefer mobile to land-based establishments.


Having a smartphone isn’t enough. You need a reliable connection that’s able to keep up with the demands of mobile gaming. Before fourth and fifth-generation networks (4G and 5G), players could only lean on Wi-Fi, which wasn’t as readily available as the games. Thankfully, 4G and 5G have changed the course of the industry for players and providers as they are incredibly powerful. For instance, 4G made internet speeds up to 500 times faster than 3G. However, 5G is significantly faster, with peak data rates of 100+ Mbps and 100 times increase in traffic capacity and network efficiency. Considering that fourth-generation networks are everywhere and that fifth-generation software is being rolled out worldwide, the link between the growth of the mobile casino industry and improved networks isn’t a coincidence.

Mobile Casinos Provide Better Value

Value comes in different shapes and sizes. The ability of mobile casinos to improve accessibility and the user experience is one thing, yet the industry hasn’t stopped there. Instead, it focuses on what users want and how it can give it to them, encouraging more people to play and onboarding an evergreen number of new customers. This is best highlighted by the welcome bonuses on offer. Players without accounts can sign-up and instantly receive cashback or free spins once they make a deposit and the power of a freebieshouldn’t be understated. The fact that this is a tactic used by remote establishments across the board shows two things. Firstly, it works. Secondly, the sector must be very healthy if it can continue to use bonuses and welcome offers to stay ahead.

The Bottom Line

Mobile casinos are clever. By investing in the latest technology, they have negated the biggest obstacles customers face, such as the availability of games, making it easier than ever to play. The signs are that the industry will continue to follow this framework, so you shouldn’t expect mobile casinos to go anywhere anytime soon.