Is Apple Looking into Using Blockchain for Macs?

Technologically speaking, blockchain is the buzzword of the year and will most likely continue to be the concept that we hang out developments on going into 2019. For many, blockchain is the underlying functionality of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But, in the digital community, blockchain already offers a variety of uses as decentralized traceable contracts known as smart contracts. For the biggest digital company in the world, many are expecting a huge Apple blockchain announcement in the future. According to, a patent was filed by Apple in 2017 under the patent category ‘Obtaining and Using Time Information on a Secure Element’, essentially working towards a timestamp verification system potentially using blockchain. Intriguingly, patent requests are made 18 months before being made public, so Apple has probably been considering blockchain for some time.

Source: Pixabay

Blockchain’s Current Use as Cryptocurrency

The most common aspect of blockchain, which has informed the general public as to what it actually is, is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum, has shown that not only can a digital form of currency work, but that the underlying blockchain principles can make things safer, smarter, and more secure. As shows, the range of consumer-targeted services online that allow people to dabble in cryptocurrency shows its popularity, while many businesses including Walmart and Subway accept Bitcoin payment for their goods. Bitcoin’s value shows that there is money to be had in developing blockchain responses to problems. Ripple replacing SWIFT payments and partnering with huge banks such as Santander shows that blockchain as cryptocurrency is here to change the game.

How Would Apple Use Blockchain?

Some suggest that the internal supply chain of Apple, including the Mac systems, would benefit from the decentralized ledger that can verify transactions. Not only could the blockchain fundamentals be applied to Apple IDs, but to individual Macs, which could allow data to be more streamlined. Blockchain is arguably one of the best ways to streamline many production processes and could save such a huge company a lot of time and money to further innovate the products and services that fans of the brand are more interested in. It wouldn’t be the first tech company that uses blockchain to innovate its internal processes, following in the footsteps of Maersk, FedEx, UPS, and British Airways. While there is controversy surrounding the T2 chip inside the MacBook Pro, outlined by, that the chip deters people from using independent repair shops, the T2 chip is actually a huge leap forward in terms of the security of the devices. Your data input into the Mac is a lot safer with the chip and shows a movement of Apple towards greater security measures, which could be brought about by blockchain’s cryptographic nature.

Source: Pixabay

While blockchain may still need to sell itself to the general mainstream public, many of whom have no idea what it actually is, those in the digital community are already well aware of its uses. Nobody would be surprised if Apple implemented blockchain internally – or even if they were to bring blockchain to the mainstream and began to include it in the specs of the latest Mac releases.