iPod Drive Failure: Culprit May Not Be the Drive, Fix May Be Free

Apple’s iPod has been wildly successful; even though it was neither the first handheld MP3 player (models such as the Diamond Rio were first with flash players) nor the first to feature hard drive storage (Creative’s Discman-sized Nomad Jukebox predated it), the iPod’s combination of clean design, easy to use software both on the player […]

Running Windows in Parallel on Your Intel Mac

Apple’s Boot Camp got the most attention recently as a way to run Windows on the new Intel-powered Macs. But at almost the same time, little-known Virginia-based Parallels, Inc. announced a version of its virtualization software, Parallels Workstation for Intel Macs . This software solution for running other PC operating systems is more flexible than […]

Using a Shared Windows Printer from Your Mac

Each version of OS X has done a better job than its predecessors of “playing nice” with Windows networks. OS X 10.0 didn’t have Windows networking at all; as with the classic Mac OS, 10.0 users needed a third-party program like Thursby’s Dave to connect to shared Windows folders.