The Growing Microsoft Empire

2000: Microsoft to the rescue again! Corel, a company that has had its fair share of “beleaguered” articles, has been hauled from the brink by its most hated enemy, Microsoft.

Bring Back Beige

2000: The buzz in building around Mac OS X. If early signs are any indication, OS X will be the hit Apple hopes it will be. A good indicator of the popularity of the new operating system is the demand from the Wintel side to have OS X ported to their hardware of choice. With […]

Will Apple Stock Tank Again?

2000: In light of Apple’s recent stock surge,* I am seriously considering investing in Apple stock. It has made substantial (to put it mildly) gains in the last year and seems poised to go even further.

Motorola: No More Speed to Give

2000: Apple’s partnership with Motorola has deteriorated into a comedy of errors over the last year or so. Production problems, pricing fiascoes, and hitting the MHz brick wall have all contributed to a black eye for Apple.

Be Thankful for Apple Secrecy

2000: There was a time (so I’m told) that Apple leaked like a sieve with bullet holes in it. Everyone knew which products were coming out and when. Specs were freely available, and rumors were often true. What a long way Apple has come.

Berst Misses the Boat Again

2000: If the PC press can’t see it, then it doesn’t exist. In the wake of the success of Macworld Expo, Jesse Berst felt that he had to get in his digs somehow. I quote: “Apple is painting itself into a corner and the latest releases prove it.”

Apple Is Not Your Friend

2000: The Register (among other news outlets) recently ran an article on how Apple has been strong-arming the AdCritic website into removing Apple ads. It seems that the Apple legal department has a problem with the ads running on the AdCritic site.

Apple + Corel = A Software Powerhouse?

2000: If you’ve been paying attention to the tech headlines, Corel* has been making a lot of noise lately. With its big Linux push, its purchase of a number of MetaCreations products, its failed negotiations with Inprise, and its recent announcement that it may go bankrupt, Corel has been making waves (or at least thrashing […]

What Is Apple’s Long-Term Strategy?

Mac users have it pretty good. Apple’s stock is high (despite its recent slide), a new OS is on the way, and market share has stabilized. So what’s next for Apple? How does it intend to remain on top?

Save $49,000?

2000: What happened to $49,000? I’m at a loss. Last Monday Apple announced a $49,000 price cut for a popular web software package.

Advantages of a Small Mac Market

2000: The recent fracas over the ILOVEYOU worm caused some back patting and congratulations in non-Windows circles. People who use Macintoshes, BeOS, and UNIX variants more or less sat back and chuckled as the Windows world went down in flames. Our only real protection from similar things happening is the minority status of Mac platform.

The iMac and Hot-Swappable Expansion Bay Modules

2000: While the iMac is the hottest product Apple has ever built, there is always room for improvement. Beyond the faster, bigger, and cheaper ideas, Apple should seriously consider rectifying the iMac’s shortfall in the expansion department.