Be a Good Blogger, even with an old Apple device

So old Macs are old clunkers, right? Outdated space hogs which belong in the trash can? Well maybe not, as we know, the definition of ‘outdated’ or ‘modern’ is subjective.

When it comes to blogging since the requirements are so few your old Mac is perfectly usable and up for the job.

For blogging all your computer needs is to have fast internet, a good keyboard, a decent monitor and reasonable RAM. In fact, if the bulk of what you do when blogging is writing and some light photo editing, then 8GB of RAM should suffice.

Though if you are heavy into using graphical content for your blog then you may require 12GB of RAM. The iMac which has 16GB of RAM and came on the market a decade ago would suffice in both scenarios.

In fact, tools and services required for blogging are inexpensive, some often free and as simple or powerful as you want.

You will also find blogging tools on the market today which are compatible with your old Apple device, from the old master of blogging soldiers ‘Blogger’ to the open source tool WordPress. Speak to any old time Mac blogger about their first platform and they are guaranteed to confess ‘Blogger’ was used.

Google’s offering in the blogging space still retains many advantages today, including your existing Google account already means you have a Blogger account. For any starters creating their own blog they will appreciate it is free to use, and provides a domain name, as well as the option for a custom domain name. For those not technically minded you’ll be glad to hear it is one of the easiest platforms to use and provides several template choices for your blog.

It also easily integrates with other Google products, including Google analytics which can provide information about your website’s visitors and can help grow traffic to the site.

You may also find with your old Mac that iWeb came readily installed, a web design application that is extremely easy to use allowing you design some exquisite sites. Even when you create your own blog in iWeb a lot of the initial start-up work is done for you. The application automatically creates a blog homepage for you including snippets of your articles and builds a blog archive, which is a real time-saver.

When it comes to physically designing the blog it also excels as the drag and drop functionality of the Mac allows one to express their flare for design by building eye-catching blogs. There is obviously the option to use one of the default themes but we presume you want to stand out from the crowd to grow that business.

Remember a blog can live on your old Apple device or within your network. In fact, you can keep all your blog posts on your Mac and as outlined setting up and hosting a blog on that old Mac is a painless process.

So, before you trade that old Mac in think twice as it can get a professional looking blog published online quicker than you think.