Discover Mac Apps to Get You Through Studies

Academic life is not easy. It is a reality many students have to face. Would you like to have powerful applications, which can turn your student life into a pleasant and stress-free experience? It is much easier to get A’s when you have the right tools. The possibilities are endless, and you can get published in a local newspaper, even get a Nobel prize in some subject, or get positive feedback from your professor. Remember that your studying years is the land of opportunity.

However, students who work part-time are in a complicated situation because they have to attend classes, do homework, and work. So no free time is left. If you want to spare a bit of time for yourself, consider buying a college essay. To write an essay from scratch is time-consuming. That is why sometimes you can skip and let professionals do the job for you.

And now we are going to see the best Mac applications for students:


Manuscripts is anapp designed to write an academic paper. You will discover how easy it is to handle various footnotes, annotations, references, restructuring, and editing. The work goes much faster in comparison to traditional word processors. There are intuitive features for formatting. Using Manuscripts, you will enjoy writing academic papers.


Prizmo is an app, designed for scanning and performing optical character recognition. It is available in 23 languages. You will be amazed by its efficient editing features, text-to-speech options, iCloud support, and text translation in around sixty languages. Prizmo is a powerful Mac app for converting printed files, photocopying text files, writing text content on your images, scanning files, and making screenshots. Everything can be transformed into digital text. The app allows extracting and sharing text content in a camera view. With editing tools, you will quickly correct warping, skew, or any other distortions. If you want to work with multiple text documents, Prizmo offers batch functionality, which speeds up the process a lot


Nowadays, it is challenging to find students who purchase hard copies of college textbooks. PDF is one of the most convenient formats, which weighs less by the way. By using PDFpen, you can tweak your documents in all possible ways, starting from editing your text content and finishing by merging multiple PDFs into a single package. You will like its redaction functionality as well. It is convenient when you have to check various solutions to exercises. So, the app will cover them up, letting you concentrate on your tasks thoroughly.


Creative students will enjoy MarginNote for its non-boring way of reading and learning. If you compare MarginNote with similar applications for studying and completing university assignments, this is one the most entertaining and fun. If you have complicated relationships with traditional textbooks, this app is ready to save your day. It is the ultimate e-reading pro, which allows you to get your notes turned into flashcards. MarginNote will make your course short of exciting.


MathKey is a specialized Mac app which can translate different words into math expressions. It is a useful app for those who have to deal with mathematical reports and documents. MathKey can easily convert handwriting to MathML, LaTeX, or any other image format. You just need to write down any equation using TrackPad or your mouse and press the “Convert” button. Applying matching colors to your images/formulas is possible.

Be Focused

Check out this app, which works as a smart timer to make your work more productive. Be Focused uses psychology to keep you active on essential tasks. Students who get distracted easily should install this app on their Mac device. It’s one of the best work-break balance apps, which helps you stay sane throughout the entire semester. You can set your daily goals, and the app will move you towards them. It has a fun interface with a classic-looking timer.

Instant Translate

Instant Translate is an app to translate text in 104 languages. It is an excellent alternative to Google Translate. The app is powerful enough to correct various phrases/sentences with the “Phrasebook” feature. Besides, there is an option to translate a speech when you do not have the text. The app offers many widely-used languages, tracks your translation history, and has easy access from the menu bar on your Mac device.

Every Mac application described above is worth your attention. Try them all out and feel the difference. All will help you finish the semester easier with lots of time. They have a common goal to spare a bit of your time and make your student life more enjoyable.