My First Mac

The Therapeutic Mac

My first Mac came about as a result of a series of tragedies: My wife, my son, and my granddaughter all succumbed to leukemia in a comparatively short time. I was devastated, as can be imagined, and a good friend mentioned that maybe playing around on a computer might take my mind off what had happened, ease things a bit.

I had been working on a VAX mainframe to print out some texts that would accompany a photographic The Macintoshproject I was working on. The friend suggested a used Fat Mac he still had lying around, together with an ImageWriter printer - both dating from the very first months of the Mac revolution (the Fat Mac had been upgraded).

I bought this machine and almost instantly became enthralled and addicted. Mac addiction is as powerful as heroin!

Since that time, I have moved on, from a Mac Plus to a 6200 to an LC and now, finally, to an iMac 233. It works perfectly (keeping my fingers crossed, of course) even though it's already several years old. I will keep it as long as possible.

Oh yes, owning and using a Mac did help me emotionally through that terrible period.

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