My First Mac

Absolutely Essential

Hans Echterbecker - 2000.02.22

500 Series

I bought my first computer, a used LC 575 with 36 MB RAM and a 260 MB hard drive, two years ago. It came with a 14.4 modem (Global Village) neatly Velcroed to the case, which I replaced with a 56K modem, same brand. In time, and as funds allowed, I attached a 2 GB external Apple hard drive, a printer (Epson Stylus 600), and a scanner (Agfa SnapScan 1236).

Since I live in the middle of nowhere - okay, so I'm somewhat asocial ;-) - I've had little access to any Mac mentors and had to learn everything I know by myself and on this machine.

Apart from being able to do just about anything I ever wanted to do on a computer, I now seem to be able to troubleshoot and configure other people's Macs - and not just the beige variety. In fact, I have grown so comfortable with both hardware and the OS (I'm still running 7.5.5), that I wouldn't dream of "upgrading" to an iMac or even a G4, never mind considering another platform - at least not for a while. What amazes me is the speed of this "old" 33 MHz Mac, especially compared to a 350 MHz iMac running OS 9!

Even though I've managed to customize a setup to suit my every need and whim, I have equally had to learn to weed out those things I can do without. The ensuing balance resulted in a rare and satisfying relationship even creatures of flesh and blood could envy. After all, we never argue or compete with one another anymore. And, if memory serves me, the last time we crashed, it was history or something.

PS: Here's my personal list of absolutely essential, rigorous and recommendable tools: a Volvo, an Estwing hammer, and an LC 575!

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