My First Mac

A Total Mac Nerd at 13

Scott Baret - 2000.05.05

My first computer was an Apple ][e. I first used it when I was two years old, way back in 1989. It had a green screen and two 5-1/4" floppy disk drives. Mac ClassicIn 1991, my dad brought a Mac Classic home from work. I fell in love with it after working on it for a minute.

Eventually, we bought our first Mac, an LC, in April 1992. It was my only Mac until May 1999, when I bought a Mac Plus at a computer store. In the summer of 1999, my dad gave me an SE/30 and an Apple ][e.

Along the way, I have acquired a lot of peripherals. I own a StyleWriter, an ImageWriter II, an Imagewriter I, a Zoom modem, and a non-working UniDisk 3.5". I am on my second CD-ROM drive. My first one, a Power User, died after five years of service. Then, I got a NEC drive and it has been good to me ever since.

Today, I am 13 and a total Mac nerd. One of my favorite books is The Macintosh Bible, 3rd Edition. Since 1991, when I got my first Mac, I have been the student tech-support guy who helps students in computer classes and occasionally helps teachers at local schools.

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