My First Mac

The Only Computer Worth Using

Walt - 2001.03.06

I first started using a Mac in 1990 at my grade school. It was a Mac Classic. I never knew anything else existed! Macintosh was the only computer I knew.

I eventually talked my dad into buying a Macintosh LC for home use. It had an Apple IIe emulator card in it, along with a 5-1/4" floppy drive to use programs made for the Apple II. I learned how to use Logo first. You know - the old command line program with the little turtle in the middle of the screen.

Unfortunately, my dad got upset with Apple's lack of support and high prices. We kept the LC until 1995, when he made one of his worst ever decisions. He bought a Compaq Presario with a 200 MHz Pentium. We still have it, and he still uses it. It's the biggest piece of crap I've ever used in my life.

When he bought the Compaq, he donated the LC to a local school, and not the one that I went to. I begged him to let me keep it in my room, but he wouldn't let me.

Four years later, I decided to buy a used Power Macintosh. I bought a 7200/120 and a 16-inch Apple monitor. It's a great machine. I'm typing on it now. I plan to upgrade to a 7500 or 7300 motherboard and a G3 or G4 daughter card. The only problem is, I have no money. Hopefully I can afford to do this sometime soon.

I think that the Macintosh should be the only computer seeing as how it's the only one worth using.

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