My First Mac

Leaving Cold Win2k Behind

Jim Champlin - 2001.05.18

This week made me the proud owner of two older Macs. I picked up a PowerBook 1400cs/133 and a Power Mac 7200/90 for $350.

$350 for both! Not bad at all, I thought. I needed a notebook to use at school next semester, rather than toting my Windows box back and forth. Now I'm quickly becoming a convert.

My PowerBook is easily going to be my favorite computer. I love how streamlined OS 8 is. Unlike PowerBook 1400Windows 2000, which is like carrying an elephant in a Radio Flyer, the Mac OS is simple. It's got the features that are needed for managing files and running programs. Windows tries to provide everything, including the kitchen sink.

Windows 2000 is bulletproof when it comes to crash protection, but the UI leaves so much to be desired. After using a Mac, Windows is cold and impersonal.

The Mac OS is fast, too. It takes my Windows box several minutes to start up. This is a 500 MHz K6 with 160 MB of RAM and an ATA/66 drive. The PowerBook takes a little over a minute to boot. Impressive.

I really do believe now, after years of Windows loving and Mac hatin', that Macs are better computers. OS 8 is friendly - come on! It's mascot is a smiling blue computer screen. When you turn it on, you're greeted by an adorable little happy Mac. Windows says "MICROSOFT WINDOWS BUILT ON NT TECHNOLOGY" and has an abstract art window frame as a logo.

Yeah, I'm a Machead now. I'm also thinking about buying a Newton from the same girl who sold me these Macs.

Long Live Apple!

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