My First Mac

20 Minute Mac Expert

Gregg Thurman - 2001.07.10

In 1987 I had just started a new firm (which had nothing to do with graphics). Having absolutely no interest in becoming an accountant or bookkeeper, I decided to computerize those functions. I traveled from one computer store to another checking out computers. There were all kinds, and they all looked alike. What did I know?

Then I walked into ComputerLand, and the salesperson there asked what software I was going to use. "I don't own any software. Is this important?"

"Oh yeah," he says. "You should find the software you want first then buy the computer that will run it."

Every place I went the salesperson would show me their accounting portfolio and proudly announce that I would get two weeks free classroom instruction on how to use them. That is, until I found myself in Computer Kingdom (Riverside, California). They had this silly looking little thing. I asked about accounting software for it, and they showed me Insight.

"How does it work?"

They showed me point and click.

Now I think I'm pretty smart. I've been to several computer stores and listened to all the pitches about training and stuff, so I ask, "How much classroom time do I get with a purchase?"

"Classroom?" they asked, "Hell, you're an expert."

And you know what? I had only been exposed to that silly looking little computer for about 20 minutes, and I was already an expert! My firm now has approximately 20 Macs - and we still don't do graphics.

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