How to Generate and Redeem iOS App Promo Codes

Application Promotional Codes commonly known as App promo codes helps in marketing your app regardless of being a paid app or a free one.

As a promo video or app trailer is the known for its benefit that is used tofeature your app highlights. Similarly, promo codes are one of the best ways of influencer marketing or press contacts by highlighting the newly added feature or your entire app promotion before its launch.

Even ifyour app is a paid one, you can take the advantage of a promo code to let them use it for free so that they can understand and develop an interest to connect with the app by paying for it.

Mohegan Sun, an American casino company provides mohegan sun bonus code for its valuable customers. They enable generation and redemptions of these promo codes using any Apple iOS supported mobile phone.

Apple, one of the leading smartphones producing company hasopted for such promo codes since forever. However, Google has now finally made these promo codes available to the appdevelopers.

Let’s take a look at how these promo codes can begeneratedon to both iOS and Android apps simultaneously.

Following are the steps to be followed to generate a promo code for the app.

  1. Log in to iTunes Connect
  2. Click the My Apps icon
  3. Select Mohegan Sun Online app to generate promo codes
  4. Select the Features Tab.
  5. Click Promo Codes, listed in the left-hand menu at the bottom.
  6. Enter the number of codes to be generated. A developer is given only 100 codes for each version of the app, and they expire after 4 weeks.
  7. Click on Generate Code(s) once you’ve entered the number of codes needed and agree to the contract promptedon the screen
  8. The codes will be listed on the screen and will also be sent to the account team agent via their contact email

On iPhone / iPad

  1. Open the App Storeon your device
  2. Tap Features and scroll to the bottom of the menu
  3. Tap Redeem and enter all the required and necessary credentials
  4. Enter the code

On iTunes

  1. Open the iTunes Store on your device
  2. Click Redeem and enter all the required and necessary credentials
  3. Enter the code

Once if your store is redeeming an app promo code, your app starts downloading. For in-app purchase promo codes, you need not require to generate the code. If the app is freenot currently installed on your device, the app will automatically download it. While, if the app is paid, in order to redeem the in-app purchase, you will require downloading the app

If you wish that the app gets downloaded to your device automatically, you need to turn on your automatic downloads. For iTunes and App Store, visit the Settings tab on your device, and ensure turning on of the automatic downloads for apps.

Alternatively, you need to sync your device with iTunes, once your app gets completely downloaded in your device