Keep Your Mac Device Safe in 2019!

Cybersecurity professionals from Palo Alto Networks have detected new malicious software. It attacks Mac users with the aim to gain access to cryptocurrency wallets and exchange accounts. To accomplish it, CookieMiner Trojan horse steals cookie-files of browser and saved password from Chrome.

Data Leak SpamHowever, this malware is not the only problem Mac users face these days. The cyberspace is full of threats: data leaks, identity thefts, ransomware and whatnot. Security experts advise using VPN services to prevent such troubles. But what if one cannot afford to pay for it? A team of cool tech zone website specialists has prepared for you the list of free VPNs. Among them, you’ll find providers which offer their services free of charge on a permanent basis, during free trial periods and as free packages.

But let us become intensified of the facilities a VPN provides its subscribers with.

Data encryption

User traffic is ciphered and transferred through the network in a safe way. It protects internet consumers against numerous online treats. For example, if a cracker manages to steal data, it will be impossible to decode them.

Unlimited access to the online content

Have you ever experienced the situation when you find a movie on the Internet but cannot watch it because it is inaccessible for your country? It won’t be a problem to get access to the sites blocked for the region you visit or live in. You’ll be able to bypass firewalls, filters and admin networks with the purpose to access any content you like.

IP withholding

The cyber environment is flooded with spammers, spies and hackers. They keep a close watch on your activity on the Internet and steal the information like credentials and passwords when you are not prepared for it. When you connect to the network with a new IP (which belongs to the VPN), the provider masks your real IP-address and you are given a free hand to browse web pages on the Internet anonymously.

Anonymous web surfing

In an effort to gain confidentiality and security, you might be interested in surfing the Internet without being detected. A good VPN will create a secure encrypted tunnel between your Mac gadget and a VPN server, which prevents monitoring and eavesdropping.

Wi-Fi might be secure

Public Wi-FiWhat if you are strolling around the city and need to search something on the Internet? Of course, you’ll visit the nearest café and connect to its Wi-Fi hotspot. But anyone who has access to this network will manage to monitor your activity. VPNs serve to protect your Mac devices notwithstanding the location of their users.

Protection against malicious soft

Trust-and-true VPN providers inform their subscribers about the sites which contain malware and block them. Thus, you’ll be protected against malicious, phishing and spam websites.

There is much concern about the security of Mac devices these days. Mac is on the list of gadgets which have Thunderbolt port. A group of researchers has detected a serious vulnerability concerned with this port – Thunderclap. It conduces devices cracking and makes them defenseless.

Thus, it’s worth watching out for the sites you visit and files you download. Stay tuned and be informed about possible threats and the best solutions!