Keeping your Mac game ready

Low end Macs are not always known for their gaming performance, but with some small upgrades, any Mac can be equipped for some simple gaming.

However, much of the gaming world has passed older computers by, and now that gaming and esports are multimillion-dollar industries, computer rigs are getting larger and more powerful than ever. Just because gaming is leaving low-end computers by the wayside does not mean that lovers of older hardware also have to get discarded. Gaming computers still require maintenance and many of the principles of low end Macs can be transferred to modern day gaming computers.

Innovative Old and New Solutions

Here on LowEndMac, we have shown various methods to combine new and old technology in order to mesh retro computers with modern gaming. There is clearly still a market for retro style gaming, and retro Mac users should not shun modern gaming as it can bring a whole new host of enthusiasts.

Gaming is a great way to connect a younger generation to older technology and show the potential and nostalgia of old machines. Running new games and combining new technology with old are great ways for LowEndMac enthusiasts to extend the relevancy of our great community and pass on knowledge to a new generation.

Mac Gaming

Unfortunately, Mac users are often an afterthought when it comes to gaming, with gaming platforms like Steam catering to PC users and not opening all games up to the Mac. Despite the push to incorporate more new games on Macs, the system still lacks some gaming heavyweights.

So, Mac users have to come up with workarounds in order to play their favorite games on their Mac computer. This opens up another avenue of possibility for retro computer fanatics. Getting the most out of a machine is a tenet of retro computers, and gaming in the Mac community should be no different.

Many older models still possess the computing power to play some modern games, and interesting solutions are waiting to be found for Mac’s gaming dilemma. Once again, this has the potential to bring in new enthusiasts into the space.

Low End Gaming

Communities of retro gaming have long theorized and practiced sometimes odd solutions to fix problems in meshing new and old technology. On our site, we have a comprehensive take on marrying the two worlds.

Unfortunately, as you can see by the article’s title, modern gaming and low-end computing don’t always go together so easily. Gaming on low end Macs can begin to run expensive, and it is not a hobby for the faint of heart.

While low end hardware will not be seen in high-profile gaming events any time soon, that does not mean that low end computing enthusiasts should completely abandon the idea of modern gaming having a positive impact on the retro computer world. At the end of the day, many millionaire gamers still have a passion for technology, and retro gaming has become somewhat of a popular niche on Youtube.

Changes in Modern Gaming Landscape

Without a shadow of a doubt, gaming has fundamentally changed even in just the last decade. Freemium games and esports now dominate modern gaming, and absurd amounts of money have been sunk into game development and marketing.

Nowhere is this more clearly seen in multiplayer online games that often make use of massive gaming rigs. Esports has turned gaming from a hobby into a profession, and many children now aspire to become professional gamers rather than professional athletes.

And traditional industries have now entered the space in the form of sponsorships. Betway Sports, a sponsor of football teams in England and Spain, also has partnerships with CS:GO and Dota 2 professional esports teams.

From viewership numbers to money and sponsorships, gaming has become as professionalized an industry as football and basketball. Parents even pay for Fortnite coaches similar to having their children spend a couple hours on the field with a private coach.

Clearly, big money has changed gaming, but retro gaming and computing should still carve a space for itself in the new landscape.