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Some years ago there was an ezine called Low End User. It merged with another 'zine a couple years back. Having recently acquired a Mac II, LC, and LC II, I've decided to resurrect the idea. But instead of a 'zine, the New Low End User is a web site. (This site and its name were inspired by LEU. There is no other relationship between the two.)

The New Low End User is dedicated to users of older desktop Macs with SCSI interfaces based on the 68000, 68020, and 68030 CPU. These range from the Mac Plus of 1986 (8MHz 68000, first Mac with 1MB RAM, first with SCSI interface) to the Color Classic II and Performa 460 (both 33MHz 68030-based Macs with 4MB RAM and an internal hard drive) of 1994.


Compact Macs

NuBus Macs

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Speed Up on the Cheap

Accelerators and Upgrades*

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Buying or Selling Used or Refurbished*

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Low End Classifieds*

Buy and sell used "low end" Macs. For details, click here.

Macintosh rules! These are some great resources.

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