Microsoft Office for Mac – Know the Changes

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac was released on 24th September 2018. Microsoft office for mac is designed mostly for a business that isn’t using office 365 .it comes with all the latest features and updates. This new version of MS office for mac comes with new online features that bring it closer in line with cloud-first office 365.

Microsoft calls it the on-premises version of office. It’s available for those who don’t want to pay a monthly fee for office 365.enhancement or the new updates that arrived with MS office for mac includes;


  1. Improved inking and roaming pencil case. The new MS office for mac comes with a much better inking functionality with a free moving pencil case.
  2. Audio descriptions provides information about an action, characters, scene changes in a word in the new 2019 office release. Audio descriptions let you keep track of your activities if you’re visually impaired.
  3. Ribbon customization in all office applications allows you to personalize your ribbon in word as desired.
  4. New office theme MS office 2019 for Mac comes with a new improved office theme that is more appealing to you as compared to previous versions.
  5. Translates documents into word it has a crucial feature that automatically translates documents.
  6. Makes documents more accessible with an accessibility checker it also offers the Accessibility Checker that locates elements that might cause problems for people with disabilities.
  7. Turn text into speech in word. It has an embedded text speech translator which aids the visually impaired.
  8. Use office sounds in a word.


  1. Connect shapes easier in excel that allows natural amalgamation of excel shapes
  2. Create funnel charts and 2D maps in excel it improves data visualization by use of sequentially connected steps.
  3. PowerPoint enhancements. The MS Excel 2019 allows you to add more features to your document.
  4. Power Query enhancements. MS Excel 2019 has data ingestion tool that allows you to transform, filter, manipulate and import data into favorite data stores like BCI. It will enable makers to shape data mashups from SQL server using a power query online experience.
  5. Publish a spreadsheet to power BI.


  1. Morph transition feature that allows you to animate smooth movement from one slide to another which has been improved in office 2019 with close to a zero buffering time.
  2. Improved roaming pencil.
  3. Zoom to reorder slides in PowerPoint easily. The Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac provides a well-defined functionality that allows you to zoom easily while rearranging slides in PowerPoint.
  4. Insert icons, SVG files and 3D models in PowerPoint.
  5. 4k video export that improves your ability to export videos in different slides.
  6. Play in click sequence enables your video to play automatically when the slide containing the video to appear in the slideshow.


  1. Get your attention with @mentions allows you to get someone’s attention in an email message. Vision enables you to choose the contact you want to mention and attach to the word as it is being sent.
  2. New travel and delivery cards.  The new outlook provides updated contact cards which will benefit a company rolling out office 2019 for Mac.
  3. Declutter with focused inbox in outlook
  4. Use updated summary cards in outlook. The MS outlook for mac 2019 can add all your billing information to a summary card and then post it to yours.
  5. Email templates comes with well-customized email templates that satisfy your need
  6. Office 365 groups ensures that all your Microsoft accounts are centrally placed and readily accessible
  7. Read and delivery receipts comes with functionality that shows you when a message is received and read.
  8. Send later function to delay or schedule delivery of email messages and the timing of sent messages can be easily done in office 2019.

Operating system requirement

To improve on your user experience, MS office for mac is providing support to Apple’s three most recent versions of MacOS. With the release of macOS 10.14 Mojave, office 365 for Mac and Office 2019 for Mac is now able to support macOS 10.14, 10.13 and 10.12. Microsoft is thus making sure that as new major versions of MacOS are built, it will drop support for older versions and support the latest plus the two previous versions of MacOS.

Benefits of updating macOS to supported versions

Should you be using an unsupported version of the Mac operating system, it’s with no doubt that your applications will continue working, but you’ll no longer receive any updates, security updates included. Let’s take if you’re using a macOS 10.12, but later you fail to update your macOS to a supported version when macOS 10.12 becomes obsolete; you will not receive any updates of any kind. You’re therefore highly recommended to continue updating your macOS to a supported version to gain mainstream support such as security updates as well as the new features.

Intelligent security

  • Advanced threat protection in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Onedrive for Business1
  • Encryption of Office 365 Messages
  • Protection of office enterprise
  • Addition of sensitivity label in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook applications