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What We Hate on the Web

Daniel Knight - 2002.05.28 -

I'm sure every one of us has things we just hate about the Web, whether it's that flashing $115 shopping spree ad, those X10 pop-unders, small white Times text on a busy background, or those "Best Viewed With" badges. So I launched a poll on May 17 and asked you to tell me what you thought of 34 annoying things on the Web.

A total of 735 people participated in our survey, and each question had between 704 and 735 votes. Votes

  1. Don't mind it
  2. Don't like it
  3. Really dislike it
  4. Hate it
  5. Avoid sites with it

We have ranked the sites based on how many don't mind a feature, how many dislike it somewhat (a 2 or 3 vote), how many strongly dislike it (voting 4 or 5), and how many avoid it. We also include the total number of votes cast as well as the number of votes at each level as well as some percentage breakdowns and the occasional comment.

When the "avoid" rating is below 5%, we don't mention it.

Keep in mind that these results are subjective and self-reported. Much as we might like to avoid sites that have certain annoying features, sometimes there's no alternative and we only wish we could avoid them.

What You Mostly Don't Mind

What Bothers Some, Not Others

What You Don't Care For

What You Really Hate

The most hated things - at least one in three people surveyed say they will avoid sites with these.

Now every webmaster can know how to drive visitors away. For more thoughts on the survey findings, see Toward a Less Annoying Web.