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Welcome Back MacMall, and Hello to Apple and CompUSA

Daniel Knight - 2004.12.07

At the same time, we restored links to Club Mac, which is also owned by PC Mall Inc. Both Club Mac and MacMall generally offer the same products, the same specials, and the same prices, and we're pleased to add them to our active list of affiliate programs and our price trackers for current Apple hardware.

More Affiliate News

Buying through affiliate links benefits Low End Mac at no cost to you, and we've been using them since our first year on the Internet. One affiliate program we'd hoped for (and suggested several times) is now a reality. When Apple launched The Apple Store online, we thought it was a natural for an affiliate program, especially with all the Mac-related websites on the Net.

Well, it happened, and Low End Mac is happy to be an Apple affiliate. We also signed up for Apple's iTunes Music Store, so any iTunes order placed through an affiliate link on Low End Mac will support this website. (We're still waiting to hear about Apple's .mac affiliate program, which was launched just last week.)

Another new affiliate program is the CompUSA online store. CompUSA is the only national chain with a dedicated Apple Store-within-a-Store at each retail location. If you're ordering from CompUSA online, using a link on Low End Mac benefits us.

One more addition is CablesToGo, which offers cables and switch boxes for computers, monitors, audio, video, and networking.

As the holidays approach, bear in mind that ordering through any of our affiliate links costs you nothing and helps keep Low End Mac free.

Thanks for your ongoing support.