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Daniel Knight - 12 January 2000 -

As a webmaster, one of the most important parts of Apple's new internet strategy is iReview -- Apple's own guide to the World Wide Web. iReview has categories for movies, kids, shopping, cars, parents, computers, health, sports, music, seniors, finance, news, travel, real estate, and games.

If that sounds comprehensive, think different. Where would I go to find out about DVD players and movies? One section looks at current movies, another will help me buy once I make my choice, but where's the link to a site that will help me make that choice? (I'm a big fan of The DVD Resource Page. I've recommended Apple ireview it, but had to admit it didn't fit any of their categories.)

Of course, as a Mac webmaster what matters most is having my site listed under Computers.

It isn't.

In fact, Apple has so far found only eleven computer-related web sites worth linking to on iReview. Of these eleven, only four are Mac-centric, and three of the four are owned by the same publisher.

There's no link to MacSurfer's Headline News, perhaps the most important Mac-centric site for fresh links on the entire World Wide Web.

Among my daily list of sites to visit, only MacWeek, MacCentral, and MacFixIt made the iReview Eleven. Apple gives MacWeek five stars, while visitors rate it at four. MacCentral only receives three stars from the iReview staff, although visitors rate it one star higher.

MacFixIt merits a five star rating from both the iReview staff and visitors to the site. This site should make anyone's Top Ten list of Mac-related web sites.

But where are the links to Accelerate Your Mac!, Applelinks, Mac Madness, MacNN, The Mac Observer, Macs Only!, and the other sites I visit daily?

There's not even a link to MacInTouch, the oldest Mac-centric web site out there.

Maybe I shouldn't be disappointed that Low End Mac didn't make the cut at iReview. I'm in very good company.

Suggestion: If you haven't already signed up for iTools, do so. Any Mac with OS 7.6.1 or later can (visit iTools Tamer for more info). And once you're registered, suggest Apple review your favorite web sites.

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