How to Play Poker on a Low End Mac

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You don’t need a top of the range Mac to play poker online

As a low-end-Mac user, you obviously want to push your device to the limit and make sure it can do all the things you want from a computer in the modern age. If it can, then there’s absolutely no need to splash out an expensive new model. One of the biggest questions for a lot of users nowadays is whether they are going to be able to play poker on their machine. The reason for this is that poker has become such a hugely popular online pastime that more people each year are getting into it. Despite the gaming situation on old Macs being rather bleak in terms of being able to run today’s games, low-end-Mac users should still be able to play poker easily and join millions of other people in playing the card game online.

What is the Situation with Gaming on Old Macs?

While Macs are hardly renowned for their gaming prowess, the models of today are starting to catch up to PCs in what they can do. Numerous new games are being released that are compatible with Macs, such as the recent Shadow of the Tomb Raider from Eidos Montreal. For the new instalment of the adventure game featuring Lara Croft, Feral Interactive was in charge of optimising it so that a lot of new Macs were able to run it. Up until recently, though, Macs were never really regarded as reliable gaming devices. For that reason, people with low-end models are probably either not that interested in gaming or they prefer playing games which can be run on computers with much lower specs than those of today.

There are plenty of classic games that can be played on older Macs with little fuss, such as King of Dragon Pass and Master of Orion. There are also a number of newer games which have been released in the past year which can be played on machines with less processing power than the Macs of today. A great example of a game for low-end-Mac users to try is Thimbleweed Park from Gary Winnick and Roy Gilbert, who are the creators of iconic games such as The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion. The point-and-click adventure was released in 2014 to strong critical reception, and only needs a 2 GHz CPU and 4 GB of RAM to run. Simplistic games like this are ideal for older Macs, which means card games such as poker are usually compatible with most models.

How You Can Play Poker on an Old Mac

As long as your Mac is hooked up to the internet, you should be able to play poker online. Of course, you may need to download plugins such as Flash or update your browser before playing. Most sites nowadays incorporate HTML5, though, which means that players can usually play poker instantly from their browser. 888poker, for instance, is now streamlined to work just as well through a desktop browser or on a mobile. HTML5 has helped for this seamless transition.

Low-end-Mac users are advised to download modern browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in order to play poker online. Both of these engines support HTML5, and playing through these will mean that players don’t have to download any extra software in order to play at most sites. There has been detailed research on this site in the past on the introduction of HTML5 and what this means for Mac users. Depending on the model of Mac you own, different browsers will suit your needs.

Because of the simplicity of poker, it doesn’t require much processing power at all. For this reason, most low-end-Mac users will be able to play. It should be noted that a lot of the computers that are now classed as low end were top of the range fifteen years ago during the poker boom. The most important thing you need when playing poker online is a strong internet connection. You most certainly don’t want the page to start buffering when you are holding pocket aces and another player has gone all in pre-flop. In fact, a bad internet connection could make or break a tournament.

What are the Variants of Poker Available to Play Online?

The state-of-the-art Macs of the poker boom are now some of the low-end Macs of today, and that’s not the only thing that has changed in that space of time. The online game has evolved drastically since it started getting big in the 2000s, and now there are numerous variants and other ways of playing to keep players excited and coming back for more.

Texas hold’em is and always has been the number-one crowd pleaser, but there are now new ways of playing it that are finding popularity in the modern age. In the past, when players visited an online poker room they usually entered either a tournament or a cash game. Now, those options are still available but there are other things as well like God of the Arena. This is an epic way of playing which is actually a progressive knockout series with a massive prize pool for those who make it to the latter stages. In addition to Texas hold’em, other styles of poker like Omaha can be found in online poker rooms nowadays. Perhaps the biggest development, though, is the fact that some of the top sites also offer players the chance to play casino games including slots and roulette. These are also easily powered by low-end Macs.

As you may have expected, due to the simplicity of poker and its low running requirements, it can easily be played from low-end Macs. So sit back, relax, and play a few hands of the card game that’s loved all over the world.