Playing Live Casino Games on a Low End Mac

While the time is passing and the technology we bought last year gets older and less responsive to the newest updates, we start to raise the question “For how long can I use it until I need to buy another?”. While many of us complain of the performance drop of a new product, there are still a few who use old products such as low end Mac devices.

As a low end Mac user, you know that your device has to run at its best performance at all times, even if that means pushing its limits. Among those of you who own one of these computers, there are probably many who like gambling and are questioning wherever they should try gambling on their old Macs or not.

What are the specifications for playing at an online Live Casino? The answer is simpler than many expected. You don’t need any fancy programs. As long as your device runs a Flash player, you can enjoy any casino product.

Now that everyone is ready, enthusiastic and has installed the required player, it’s time to access the Live Casino category from

Do you know how to join a table and place a bet?

For a new gambler, Live Casino could look a bit overwhelming. It has seats for players and options to make bets. It also has buttons you can use during the game to change the course of action. Let’s take for example the case of Blackjack.

In live Blackjack, there are 7 seats at a table. You can select a bet from the chips available on your screen. You can occupy more than 1 seat, but of course, each seat has its own bet. Once betting time is over, you’ll have to wait for the dealer to share the cards and address you. There are some special cases when the additional buttons will have to be used, these cases are called insurance and it’s an extra bet to protect your main stake. When all the seats are occupied, you can gamble on another players hand, making a bet-behind.

This system is applied to all types of table games with small differences, of course. On Roulette, you need to place the chips on the colour, numbers or sets you want to gamble on. Baccarat and Poker are pretty much the same as Blackjack, having similar options and are all card games. Of course, the rules and the gameplay are different.

Now that you know how to run the Live Casino using Flash and what the user interface of these table games is like, all it’s left for you to do is to find a player compatible with your system.

Once you do that, everything will work smoothly. Don’t doubt the power of your low end Mac, even if it’s old, it will still work like a champion and allow you to have endless fun playing these games!