Three Multiplayer Mac Titles That Helped Change Gaming Forever

Modern games are often considered artistic masterpieces, and rightly so. They incorporate the latest high tech graphics, are beautifully rendered and are backed by big budgets. With some of the best games starting out as fairly basic programs, it is remarkable to consider how far they have come.

The Battle Royale genre is being heralded as the next great step in gaming’s evolution, and has become one of the most popular amongst players online. Critically acclaimed games like Fortnite and PUBG have seen people flock to try them – but where did this love for Battle Royale games first start?

That is a difficult question, but the games below certainly made a huge impression when they first appeared on Mac. Read on to find out more:

System Shock 2

In 1999, Looking Glass Studio teamed up with Irrational Games to bring out one of the best survival horrors the Mac has ever seen. System Shock 2 was genuinely terrifying to many who played it at the time. Set in 2144 on a starship, the player assumes the role of a soldier trying to curb the outbreak of a genetic virus.

Upon release, the game didn’t come with a multiplayer mode, but it was eventually released as an update with online co-op gameplay, which proved popular. The game itself was considered well ahead of its time, with the designer, Ken Levine, going on to make the Bioshock series, which was also released to critical acclaim. Levine now hopes to direct movies with an artistic feel.

System Shock is still considered one of the greatest games ever released on Mac and rightly so. Its influence on game designers and narratives can still be seen today.

Team Fortress Classic

This is one of the games that is not often mentioned when speaking about the classics, but TFC was a brilliant multiplayer title spawned from the Half-Life series of games. Half-Life was the first ever game released by Valve, who were worth over $3 billion as of 2018.

Team Fortress Classic was a team battle royale game that allowed players to choose what type of character they wanted to control. There were several different options including medics, snipers, spies and heavy weapons men. It certainly helped influence the modern battle arena genre and was hugely popular at the time of its release.

Its success came from the cooperation required to be successful and from the variety of options available to those who played it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

In 2007, Call of Duty turned their hand to a more contemporary setting with Modern Warfare. They succeeded admirably, both with fantastic single-player levels and a multiplayer mode that was top notch.

Infinity Ward outdid themselves with this one. The multiplayer mode was extremely addictive in a similar manner to the System Shock 2 offering, and the levels were designed in a way that only enhanced the gameplay.

The use of bots was a nice touch as it meant you could pitch yourself with friends against the AI, which made it highly replayable. This was a huge influence on those that game in its wake and will remain one of the classics of its time.