NuBus Video Cards

RasterOps ColorBoard 104

The RasterOps ColorBoard 104 card is a 12" NuBus card compatible with 680x0-based NuBus Macs running up to Mac OS 7.5.1. It was the first 24-bit color video card to ship for Macs. This is made possible via a modified version of Color QuickDraw, and 24-bit color runs much more slowly than 8-bit color.


The RasterOps ColorBoard 104 is unaccelerated and supports only 1024 x 768 resolution at 60 Hz in up to 24-bit color.


No drivers are required for this card, but you must have RasterOps' modified version of Color QuickDraw for 24-bit output.


RasterOps claims this card is only compatible with the Mac II, IIx, and IIcx. If anyone can substantiate this, let us know.

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