NuBus Video Cards

RasterOps 24L

The RasterOps 24L is a 12" NuBus card compatible with 68K- and PowerPC-based Macs (although RasterOps claims it doesn't support PPC) running up to Mac OS 8.1. It may be compatible with higher versions of the Mac OS but no information for Mac OS 8.5-8.6 is available at this time, and it's doubtful that the card is compatible with Mac OS 9.


The card provides standard QuickDraw acceleration and supports the following resolution/color combinations:

Resolution is set by DIP switches on the card.


RasterOps video card drivers can be downloaded from the Mac Driver Museum, where ShrinkWrap disk images are available for RasterOps Graphics Install v3.2 and v3.3, MoviePak, MoviePak2, and VideoTime.


Uses DIP switches located opposite NuBus connector for setting resolution. Thanks to MC for the information.

The up position is OFF; the down position is ON. "Up" in this case is being defined as away from the surface of the card with all the components on it.

1 should always be off (up). In the following table for switches 2 and 3, "d" and "u" represent "down" and "up" for each switch.

2  3  Res
u  d  800 x 600
u  u  1024 x 768 (75Hz)
d  d   1024 x 768 (60Hz)
d  u  640 x 480

If anyone knows what jumper JP2 does, let us know.