Ways to Protect your Computer When You Are Working from Home

Right now, due to the coronavirus, a lot more people are working from home that have never done this before. This means that they’re going to be using their computer for their job and accessing sensitive information every day. Is your computer protected from threats and do you know how to ensure all your work data remains safe? Here are some ways you are ensure you’re equipped for home working.

Avoid Opening New Email Attachments

You’re going to be receiving a lot more emails since your whole team will be working from home too. Constant communication will be important. But if you see new email addresses that contain attachments, don’t open them. There’s a lot of spam and dangerous emails going around right now. Chances are, these attachments may contain viruses and malware that can infect your computer. If this does happen, it’s best to use a Mac malware removal tool. This is going to make sure there are no lasting problems to your computer or work files.

Consider a VPN

If you’re doing a lot of online work, it may be best to choose a VPN. This is going to provide you with extra security when you’re on the web. A VPN is able to hid your IP address and encrypt your data. Nobody will be able to know your location. In other words, you’re going to be able to transfer data securely and protect yourself against hackers.

Install Software Updates

We’re guilty of ignoring reminders from our Mac to update the software. But if you’re working from home, it’s best that you do this immediately. Software updates often contain security improvements that can help to secure your Mac and keep your data safe. New threats are happening all the time and it’s best that you’re always ready. Since you’re responsible for your company’s information, this is a good step to make sure it remains secure during COVID-19. After all, it’s thought that around one million malware threats are released every day.

Reset Your Default Wi-Fi Password

Have you ever changed your Wi-Fi router password? Most people haven’t. But this is a good place to start if you’re now working from home. This is going to make your internet connection secure and ensure that nobody can hack you. So, make your Wi-Fi password strong with numbers, letters and symbols. Ensure that it’s not something that anybody could get easily. This is going to secure your Mac and mean that no company data can be compromised by a hacker.

Create Backups

You don’t want to think about anything going wrong. But the reality is, your computer can break or get a virus when you’re least expecting it. If you have backups of all of your work from your Mac, you won’t have to worry. Whether it’s on iCloud services or an external hard drive, make sure that you make regular backups. You’ll thank yourself if anything goes wrong later.