Web Spying: Mac Software That You Can Use To Prevent Web Tracking

One thing about the internet that is so obvious is that it has never been 100% safe. Not when a majority of websites can track what users are doing on their respective web pages. The moment you accept cookies on a website, you give that website a chance to compile cookies based on your activities.

While your information could be safe on some websites, not all sites can guarantee you that. Why is that a big deal? Because the website is entitled to do whatever they wish with the data they collect on you.

The information could be your political views, sexual orientation, financial status, religion, health condition among other vital and private data. That explains the sudden flooding of personalized ads on websites and webpages you visit next. While the main reason for cookie policy on most websites is to personalize and streamline visitor’s experiences, some websites cannot be trusted with the information.

Cyber crime is on the rise and online criminals are always looking for weaknesses in systems to spy on. All it takes is a small leak to subject you to cyber attacks, which is why you should take charge and prevent this from happening to you by installing anti-spyware software on your Mac computer.

The last thing you want to deal with is data breach especially if these 540 data breach cases in the US for the 1st half of 2020 are anything to go by.

Before you get to know some of the software you can count on, it would be important to understand what information trackers can collect about you:

  • How long you spend on various web pages
  • Your browsing history which details the kind of information you have been looking for online
  • Your IP address and location
  • Things you have purchased from online marketplaces
  • The device you are browsing with
  • Any other information of interest.

The dangers of having such information about you compiled by frequented or visited websites is that it makes you vulnerable to online attacks that include identity theft, ransomware, email phishing, etc.

The following are some of the best Mac software that will help you overcome being tracked on the web for a safer experience:

Use VPNs

VPNs serve as both identity and location maskers. You can browse websites in geo-restricted regions using a VPN without being identified or giving away your location. Just to have an idea of how a reliable VPN works like, visit link. When using a VPN, the websites you are visiting only see the VPN server because VPNs play the role of an intermediary between you and the sites you visit. The URL request is always first sent to your VPN before it gets to the website you are looking to access information from. Using VPNs can therefore help you avoid being spied on when browsing the internet.

Tor Browser

Using anonymous browsers is another way to counter creepy web tracking. These are browsers that don’t reveal where you are browsing the internet from, which implies that your location remains invisible the whole time you are online. More importantly, with Tor Browser you are able to browse on sites whose access is restricted or blocked. Tor Browser reduces your privacy vulnerability by preventing advertisers and third parties from tracing you or spying on you.


Malware could take any form, like adverts containing malicious codes such that once you click on them as you browse various websites, they render your privacy vulnerable to criminal attacks. Some links can also be malicious if you are not careful but with a software like Malwarebytes which detects and scans suspicious items, you are good to go. This software will even warn you against visiting certain websites after it scans and finds them unsafe.

Avast Anti Track

A product of Avast, this application will help you mask your location on your Mac computer. You can for that reason, trade the news in forex trading, or take part in any other online activity you are interested in, all while remaining anonymous. You can also rely on Avast Anti Track to alert or warn you when you are being tracked online. With such a software, you can leave a site that is not safe in time. Additionally, trackers have a hard time spying on you because this browser erases your browsing history. It also protects you from getting spam messages which most of the time go hand in hand with email phishing.


This software or rather browser extension has proved to be reliable in blocking ads and data compiling tools. Web or online tracking is intrusive and a tool like AdGuard will safeguard your online experience from unwarranted web spying. It also keeps your Mac computer safe from malware and more importantly, it keeps no logs. Another feature that makes AdGuard worth trying out is that it comes with a parental control option. That way you can restrict your kids from accessing adult or unsafe online content.


You can tell from it’s name that this software is all about ghosting online trackers trying to spy on your online activities. This browser extension enables you to block ads and trackers, and more importantly speeds up your browsing experience. Right now Ghostery has an Halloween offer, where they are offering a 30% discount for a 3 month subscription to its users.


Available as an application and a browser extension, DuckDuckGo works just like Google, only that it does not place product advertisements when showing search results and it blocks trackers from spying on you. The app also notifies you when a website wants to track you so that you can determine whether it’s safe or not.

Final Word

As you navigate the internet using your Mac computer, you can count on all the highlighted anti tracking software among many others that didn’t make it to the list. They are tailored to safeguard you from web tracking. Some even have free trials which are aimed to help you determine whether they are worth purchasing for the long run.