What Is the Best Video Editing Software?

We cannot imagine modern life without media content. For some, listening to music, watching photos and videos takes 95% of their time. Lately, video content has become very popular. Thus, many people want to find out how to impress everyone with their videos. If you are one of them, our list of the best video editing software is for you.

As for photo editing, here you can find worthy tools.

What Software to Choose for Video Editing?

There are a lot of platforms where you can watch cool videos. But speaking about creating them, first of all, you need to choose a good video editing software. It should meet certain criteria and have:

  • convenient and intuitive interface;

  • cool video effects to improve the visual range;

  • built-in collections of audio tracks, titles, and other elements;

  • support for all popular formats.

Among all existing video editing software, we can highlight the following.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This is a popular program for professional video editing. It offers many tools: you can work with the sound, adjust colors, and layout music.


  • Video stabilization;

  • Virtual reality support;

  • Work with all popular formats;

  • Color correction tools;

  • Cloud storage;

  • Integration with other Adobe products.


  • High price;

  • This video editor is not suitable for beginners and amateurs.

Wondershare Filmora

This software can create impressive videos from images, audio, and video materials. You will be able to add effects, mix audio tracks, and export the result in a suitable format.


  • Tracking motion;

  • Customization of titles: change the position, rotation, and scale of the text;

  • Adding free songs or audio effects from the collection;

  • Large gallery of video filters and transitions;

  • Ability to work with layers and masks.


  • Lack of manual settings, which are necessary for professional video editing.

  • The free version places a watermark. To avoid this, you will need to buy a perpetual license or an annual subscription.

Camtasia Studio

This video editing program lets you create professional-quality videos. You can also add interactive elements to the video, for example, create a test or a quiz.


  • Import of high-quality images, audio files, and video clips up to 4K resolution;

  • Scoring of the project;

  • Adding interactive elements;

  • Built-in music library.


  • The software cannot load extra video effects and plugins.

  • High price.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

This is an app for editing videos for all kinds of PCs. It allows you to work with many videos at once. It also has a large library of effects and built-in templates for quick project design.


  • The program boasts modern video processing acceleration technologies. Thanks to the new approach, the rendering of projects is much faster.

  • Improved frame-by-frame animation. To get started, connect the camera to your computer and select a range of photos. The program runs with most modern camera models.

  • Now you can create animated titles in 3D. There is a customization of the texture, size, and style of the text. Directional movement can be set for the entire structure.

  • The editor changes the time frame during video playback. You can create a slow or fast motion effect, take a still picture or play the video in reverse. You can also cut and crop your videos.


  • High price;

  • It reduces the original quality of the video.


This is a full-featured program to edit video for free. It has a convenient menu and functions. It is possible to add various effects and text to a video in this program.


  • Import of all popular video formats;

  • Video recording with the help of external devices;

  • Over 50 visual effects and transitions;

  • Editing 3D video and converting 2D into 3D;

  • Color and visual effects;

  • Video stabilization;

  • Automatic subtitle creation.


  • Time-consuming processing and export of a video project;

  • When saving, sometimes the audio and video tracks get out of sync.

  • It slows down on weak computers.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi software is easy and straightforward. It is perfect for creating subtitles for various TV shows at home.


  • The library has more than 10 categories of effects: music, videos, images, stickers, etc.

  • The program provides a wizard for creating clips. The software can select and assemble the best scenes. The output will be a high-quality video with user-selected music.

  • If necessary, you can superimpose several audio tracks on one video sequence. It is possible to remove the native sound and overlay your own. An equalizer can improve quality, eliminating noise and adding effects.

  • The editor can improve image stabilization. It also can reduce video shake while video quality remains the same.


  • High system requirements.


Magisto is an amazing online service. It can help you create great videos in one click.


  • Convenient design of the menu interface.

  • Ability to edit and create video clips.

  • Lots of videos from users from all over the world.


  • A modest set of options.

  • The presence of pop-up ads.

Cyberlink PowerDirector

This is a video maker and editing app for casual needs. It can work great for amateurs.


  • The app allows downloading videos from YouTube.

  • The editor has broad functionality. Users can completely change the original video. There is a possibility of adjusting the levels of contrast and brightness.


  • Crashes of the program due to a lack of RAM.

  • The program interface is full of panels and buttons. So, it can be difficult for users to navigate the editor. It can take some time to remember the location of the required buttons.


Now, you know there are a lot of great video editors. The choice of software depends on your skills and the desired result. Try different programs and choose the one that suits you best for your goals. If you are using Mac OS X, you may also look through free, basic image editors.