Wise up EE users, it’s time to save money on your smartphone

There are several large network providers in the UK, of these major networks EE is currently the largest, boasting almost 30 million subscribers. The company has operated in the UK for just over a decade and since 2018 has formed a core part of BT’s consumer division. Joining BT gave EE a significant advantage over its competitors in both the mobile and consumer internet markets. It grew rather rapidly in the years that followed and convinced a large number of customers to join the network, customers who have evidently opted to refresh these contracts.

Despite significant competitive advantage and a large number of customers signing up EE has been subject to its fair share of controversies, including a scandal in which it charged customers 50 pence to jump the queue when waiting to speak with customer services. In the past, EE was able to charge its customers a premium based on the speed of its network and breadth of coverage. There was a time when this premium was justified, compared to its rivals EE boasted significantly better network coverage, the coverage that could not be rivalled. However, this is not the case anymore, the market is significantly more competitive than before and deals are readily available. Despite this, EE prices remain relatively high compared to several other networks.

But it’s not all bad, EE has a large number of attractive contract options which offer customers the option to purchase the latest smartphones, including iPhone, on an affordable pay-monthly basis. Given the steadily rising price of handsets, this is becoming by far the most popular option for mobile users. However, EE devices sold via these monthly contracts are locked to the network, meaning they can be used only with SIM cards purchased from EE. Locked devices cost users money, they lack flexibility, are worth far less in the second-hand market and are awkward for travelling.

Locked devices are costing you money

Though refresh cycles are getting steadily longer, there remains a large number of devices regularly traded in or recycled. This market is competitive, and buyers are looking for the best deals on the most flexible devices. Flexibility is a trend in many industries, in a world in which technology evolves rapidly, buyers no longer want to be stifled by long contracts and products which limit their access to a growing marketplace. Well aware of the benefits of unlocked devices, outlined below, buyers will pay 20-30% more for an unlocked than device than one locked to a network. These devices also sell significantly quicker. Given that an unlock can cost as little as £20, sellers will make an immediate return on investment upon sale.

Travel has been rather difficult in 2020, many of us have missed our yearly holidays abroad, even those travelling with work have been hampered by regulations and checks. We’ve gotten more used to travelling as it’s gotten more affordable. Destinations previously available only to the rich are now within the grasp of everyday folk across the world. However, as we grow more dependent on our devices to make travelling easy, locked devices are a real pain. Locked devices are subject to extortionate roaming charges. With an unlocked device, users can purchase a local SIM, swap their domestic SIM out, and continue to use their device as normal without any extortionate charges.

As is the market for devices, the market for SIM-only deals is growing ferociously, for just £10 in many cases users can access almost unlimited data. These deals often present much better value than network contracts, so whether your device is paid off or not, unlocking it gives you immediate access to this market. This kind of flexibility in a rapidly-changing world is tempting to many users and means they can reduce their monthly overheads as and when they please and as their requirements change.

If you’re subscribed to EE and want to save money or make the most out of your smartphone it’s straightforward. A network unlock is the answer. Times have changed, there’s no need to send your device anywhere, the entire process can be completed from the comfort of your own home. It’s quick and easy to Unlock EE iPhone handsets with DirectUnlocks with the order trackable start to finish.