Worried About Your Slow Mac? Here Are Quick Tips to Speed It Up

Apple Macintosh has, over the years, carved an exclusive niche for itself based on excellence in design. This has helped these computers grow a fan base across the world.  A recent report by IDC said Apple’s Mac shipments would grow 36% percent in Q2 2020.

If you’re like most people Mac fans, it’s highly likely you’re always on the lookout for ways to optimize your computer. Truth be told, you won’t experience multiple issues with your Mac or MacBook. However, if you love gaming or live streaming content, it’s always good to learn some speed hacking tips.

There’s nothing as good as getting your Mac working in optimal condition. This is the dream of every Mac user and this post offers some tips for speeding your computer.

Data Clean-Up to Free Up Storage Space

The more clogged your Mac or MacBook’s hard disk is, the harder it becomes for it to run optimally. The first step is to check how much space you have left in the drive by clicking on the Apple Logo>About this Mac>Storage.

If you find there’s little storage left, it’s time to do something about it. Go to the “Manage” option which allows you to free up your space by either storing files in the iCloud, optimizing storage, emptying the trash can automatically or reducing clutter. This boosts the speed of your Mac and gives you a better experience.

Update your Mac

One of the things that has made Apple products so reliable is the regular updates on software. This boosts the performance of products already on the market. However, you have to accept the updates for your Mac to get a boost in performance.

You can find these updates in the App Store.  Tap Updates and install them to get some improvement in your Mac performance.

Boosting Your Mark for Gaming

If you’re a gaming fan, you already know your Mac or MacBook doesn’t rank very high as gaming hardware. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some quality gaming experience on your computer. Whether you want to enjoy action games, casino games, puzzle games or other types of games, it’s possible to do this on your Mac.

Some ways to boost your Mac’s gaming performance include:

  1. Clean desktop clutter
  2. Freeing up the hard drive
  3. Restarting the machine
  4. Upgrading your HDD
  5. Upgrading the RAM
  6. Disable OS X features you never use
  7. Learn your graphics settings and tweak them to suit your game
  8. Uninstall System-Sucking Plugins

Optimize Your Mac’s Internet Performance

If you’re a heavy internet user, it’s good to optimize your Mac’s internet performance by boosting the speed. For instance, if you are a sports fan looking for the best betting guides from ussportsbonus.com, it’s highly likely that you’ll also stream live sports on your Mac or MacBook.

If you feel your computer is slow, start by checking the internet speeds. You might only need to change the DNS Server Settings in Mac OS or resolve a Wi-Fi problem. Other internet-related issues could result due to an IP or DNS problem, router problem or a browser issue.

Use the Disk Utility Tool

If your Mac still has issues, you can perform first aid on it using the Disk Utility feature. This is a built-in tool that checks your Mac’s disk and diagnoses any problems. It also resolves faults with disk partitions and start-up processes. Start your computer in recovery mode and follow Apple Support’s instructions.

Wrapping Up

Apple Macintosh computers are exceptional in both design and performance. With regular use, your computer might suffer speed lag, especially when using internet services or gaming. These simple tips will help give your Mac its groove back.