Are Macs Cheaper than PCs? It’s Not Hard to Prove

2003: It seems my previous column (Mac Myths and the Apple Challenge) touched a nerve or two. In particular, the claim that Macs are not, in fact, more expensive than Windows machines seemed to raise the ire of more than one reader. If anything, this only proved that Apple has a hard slog ahead of […]

3rd Generation iPod

With the third generation (3G) iPod, Apple replaced the four buttons surrounding the scrollwheel with a row of round buttons between the scrollwheel and the display. The 3G iPod also introduced the 30-pin dock connector and no longer had separate Mac and PC versions.

12″ iBook G3 (Early 2003)

Apple once again improved the popular iBook by boosting CPU speeds 100 MHz. The entry-level model still has a CD-ROM drive, but it now has the same 32 MB of VRAM as the faster model. Hard drives are also larger: 30 GB for the 700 MHz iBook, 40 GB for the 800.

Mac Myths and the Apple Challenge

2003: I’m the lone Mac user among my circle of friends. This makes me a bit of a black computer sheep for some reason or other. Occasional digs from my PC friends are lobbed my way – along with the inevitable questions regarding how to get their Wintel boxes to work correctly.