Low End Mac’s Online Groups

Low End Mac has put the focus on getting the most out of older Macs since we started publishing on April 7, 1997. We launched our first email groups later in the year, and we later migrated all of them to Google Groups, which lets you subscribe to email or read postings online.

We also have several groups on Facebook, quite a few covering areas beyond the scope of Macs.

Be sure to read our guide to netiquette before posting to any group.


General Groups, All on Facebook Except for LEM Swap List

Mac OS Groups

All on Google Groups.

  • System 6 Group is for anyone using System 6.0.x. The group has 411 members.
  • System 7 – we don’t have a group for System 7
  • Mac OS 9 Group is for those using Mac OS 9 either as a freestanding operating system or in Classic mode with OS X. The group has 1,175 members.
  • Unsupported OS X is for those running (or attempting to run) Mac OS X on unsupported hardware. The group has 224 members.
  • Puma Group covers OS X 10.1.x, and has 138 members.
  • Jaguar Group covers OS X 10.2.x and has 268 members.
  • Panther Group covers OS X 10.3.x and has 546 members.
  • Tiger Group covers OS X 10.4.x, and has 773 members.
  • Leopard Group covers Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 Snow Leopard. The group has 793 members.
  • MaXlist is for Mac folk using Linux, BSD, and other Unix-derived operating systems. Current membership is 241.

Regional Lists

All on Google Groups.

  • Mac Canada is for Mac users in Canada. The group has 346 members.
  • Mac UK is for Mac users in the United Kingdom. Current membership is 296.
  • Outback Mac is for Mac users in Australia and New Zealand. The list currently has 134 members.
  • MichiMac is for Mac users in Michigan, where Low End Mac is headquartered. We have 114 Michigan Mac users on the list.

Hardware Lists

All on Google Groups.

  • 1st PowerMacs replaced our PowerMacs list for pre-PCI Macs. The group has 284 members.
  • G-Books is for G3 iBook and PowerBook users. We have 972 members.
  • G4 ‘Books covers G4 PowerBooks and iBooks. It has 812 members.
  • G-Group (a.k.a. G3-5 List) is for Power Mac G3, G4, and G5 users. The group has 1,730 members.
  • iMac Group is for users and fans of the iMac, from G3 through today’s Intel-based models. The group has 983 members.
  • MacBook Group covers all MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air models. It has 832 members.
  • Macintel Group, 2006.01.11, is for those using or considering Intel-based Macs. The group has 515 members.
  • Mac mini Group is for Mac mini users, whether G4 or Intel. The group has 445 members.
  • Mac Pro Group has 587 members.
  • Modbook Group covers the Axiotronic Modbook. The group has 114 members.
  • PCI PowerMacs replaced our original Power Macs list for PCI Power Mac and clone users. The group has 500 members.
  • PowerBooks is for users of pre-G3 PowerBooks and other portable Mac OS computers. The group has 604 members.
  • Rocketeer (a.k.a. Radius Rocket) is our group for Radius Rocket users. Membership is 75.
  • Vintage Macs is for users of pre-PowerPC Macs. This includes the compact Macs, the entire Mac II series, Quadras, and several LC and Performa models. Current membership is 1,716.

Mac Clone Lists

All on Google Groups.

  • Powerlist is for users of Power Computing computers. We have 207 members.
  • StarMax is for Motorola StarMax users, as well as other clones based on Motorola motherboards. The group has 117 members.
  • SuperMacs is for user of Umax SuperMac computers. 148 SuperMac users are members.

Mac Focus Lists

All on Google Groups.

  • Mac Network is for anything related to Mac networking: LocalTalk, ethernet, modems, AirPort, Remote Access, connection sharing, etc. Membership is 205.
  • Mac n DOS is a group for those who have to use or support both Macs and Windows. Membership is 82.
  • Mac Video Group. The group has 137 members.
  • Replacing Claris Home Page. The group has 41 members.

Non-Mac, Apple-Related Lists

All on Google Groups.

Short link: https://goo.gl/oVdHGX