Low End Communities on Facebook

In addition to lowendmac.com and our communities on Google Groups, Low End Mac has had a presence on Facebook for quite a while – and we’ve had requests to create new Facebook groups for similarly low-end interests.

We don’t manage all of these groups. In some cases, people have asked for our blessing to start a group in another area that supports the low-end philosophy of getting the most for the least in the long run. Although I’m a member of all of these groups, I only post in a few.

Low End Mac on Facebook

Graphic by Lee Joonmin.

Low End Mac covers all things Mac and iOS. Macs are the primary focus, regardless of age, but there’s a lot of support for those using iPhones and iPads as well. Over 1,400 members.

We also have a Low End Mac page on Google Plus, but G+ doesn’t provide the same kind of user-to-user experience Facebook does.(If you like Twitter, you can follow us there.)

Low End PC on Facebook

Graphic by Austin Leeds.

Low End PC puts to focus on older x86 PC hardware – desktops, laptops, and netbooks among them. Focus is split between Windows and Linux. With Windows XP losing support from Microsoft in April 2014, this group is more important than ever for getting value out of old PC hardware.

Low End Android on Facebook

Graphic by Lee Joonmin.

Low End Android is fairly new and covers the spectrum of Android smartphones and tablets.

Low End TV on Facebook

Graphic by Austin Leeds.

Low End TV is very new and looks for ways to save money over the high prices of cable and satellite television. My wife and I are in the process of moving from DirecTV plus Netflix on our Wii to a Roku with Hulu Plus and Netflix plus a rooftop antenna – look for articles on LEM in the near future.

Low End Gaming on Facebook

Graphic by Austin Leeds.

Low End Gaming is for fans of gaming on computers and consoles.

Low End Audio on Facebook

Graphic by Austin Leeds.

Low End Audio is very new. Way back in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I sold high-end audio and built my own speakers. Today it’s much more a low-end thing for me.

Low End Cars on Facebook

Graphic by Austin Leeds.

Getting past the realm of computing and electronics, we have Low End Cars – and for really low cost, low-end transportation, there’s Low End Bike for bicyclists of all persuasions. After a long winter with deep snow here in Michigan, I am looking forward to getting my bicycle out of the garage and on the road again.

If you have an idea for another low-end community, let me know.

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