Low End Mac's
Style Sheet Selector

Welcome to the Low End Mac Type Size Selection Page. We are using this page to test multiple style sheets implemented with PHP, cookies, and Cascading Style Sheets. This page is set to use whatever size your browser preference indicates. If you'd prefer something larger or smaller, pick it from the list below. (Unlike some websites, the last thing we want to do is tell you what size to view our pages in based on your browser, computer platform, or any other factor. We give you the choice.

Please pick a style sheet based on the size of body text that you would prefer to use when visting Low End Mac. This information will be stored in a cookie and used on future visits to the site. (The cookie is set to expire after 10 days.)

The links below display as they will if make one of the below styles your norm when visitng Low End Mac. Clicking on the link will take you to a page showing more type samples so you can be sure which size you want. Each page also contains all of the links below, making it easy to test another size - and you can always change your mind again later on.

0 - default style sheet, no size specified

1 - 10 px, smallest

2 - 11 px

3 - 12 px, old Mac standard

4 - 14 px

5 - 16 px, Windows standard

6 - 18 px, biggest