My First Mac

Resistance Was Futile

Evan Kleiman - 2001.12.13

I never really was into computers until one day before I started fifth grade when our first computer came, a Gateway P5133. I thought it was the coolest. I can still remember the first day - I had no idea what I was doing, so I went around and started clicking some buttons. Before I knew it, I was playing Tetris or something like it on my new computer. We didn't even have a computer desk yet, but I was hooked from day one.

Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the fence.

At school, we used many Macs - Performa 580s and the like and a few PowerPCs. It was a relatively new school, and, of course, relatively new Macs. I thought they were cool and all, but I never really knew what they could do, so I hated them. This could be attributed to my naive attitude at the time or because of the fact that At Ease with Panels and Folders blocked out all but the essentials of the programs.

But then I met Mr. Steve Duncan, the school's computer administrator, and he showed me what a Mac was really made of. Day after day in class, we would argue about how much better the PC was than the "crappy" Mac - how naive and dumb I was in those days. I slowly became more accustomed to the Mac's way of thinking, and when I would get home and spend hours (or so it would seem) on my family's PC, it just seemed like this "newer" thing made no sense compared to the more cool Macs at school, so I knew it was time for a change.

My Grandpa's friend, Dr. Adler, a big Mac man himself, was able to give me an SE/30 he had used for years at the Pharmacology Department of Temple University here in Pennsylvania. As soon as I turned it on, I was converted into a pure Mac user. The next day I went into school and proclaimed my newfound love for the Mac to Mr. Duncan, and I will never look back.

In the end, all it took was one little black and white Mac, some inspiration from a few good teachers, and my Grandpa to get me to get into the world of Macs.

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