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Amazing IE 5.0

April 3, 2000 - Evan Kleiman

My faith in Microsoft has been restored. Why? Because this past week they unveiled Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0. And, I have to say, this program is amazing!

As soon as you click the new 3D icon to get into this great new web browser, you see major changes. This first change you see is a major one. At first glance, you see the new "Aquafied" look of the interface. Now, instead of the regular, boring buttons, IE 5.0 has a new interface with a see through interface and translucent blue buttons - and you can change the blue to any iMac or PowerBook color. This only one of the many customizable things in this software. But these cosmetic changes aren't the only changes you'll see.

Also in this great new program you'll notice a large speed improvement. This is due to many factors, such as an improved page viewing engine and better memory usage. With IE 5.0, so-called "internet lag" is put to a minimum.

Of course, for all of you eBay users, there is a feature for you, too. IE 5.0 introduces a built-in auction manager, so you can manage all of your online auctions at one time. This a good feature, especially for unorganized people like myself.

The last really neat feature included in this new software is the "internet scrapbook." This feature lets you save entire web pages to a little window in your browser. This makes doing many things, such as comparing two versions of a web page much easier. Also, for all of the Mac Evangelists out there, this is a feature only on Internet Explorer 5.0 for Mac.

So, in the end, if you have the time to sit through a 8 to 11 megabyte download, then this program is definitely worth the wait!

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