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Looking Back at the Mac Plus

- 2006.01.16 - Tip Jar

As a birthday present (the computer's birthday) I am going to talk about the Mac Plus. It's 20 years young and almost the legal age to drink.

Like many of us, the first time I used a Mac Plus was in school. It was the first time I had ever used a computer - kindergarten and first grade in an elementary school in Philadelphia. I remember playing games and feeling like that was the coolest thing ever.

Mac min and Mac PlusTwelve years later I finally bought my very own Mac Plus. I already had a few Macs and PCs of my own, but I can never say no to more computers.

A geometry teacher I had at the time, Mr. Special, spent all his time in the class room programming Quake levels. I approached him and became good friends with him beta testing the worlds he created.

On day he told me that he found a Mac in his closet at home that he would sell to me. I told him of course I'd buy it. The next day he brought the Mac in, and it was a Mac Plus in super great condition, complete with 40 MB hard drive, mouse, and keyboard. The best thing was that it wasn't yellow like most old Macs turn with time.

Mac min and Mac Plus softwareThe hardest thing was that he asked me to give him what I thought was a reasonable price for it. I gave him $100, which at the time was okay for a working Mac Plus.

I have since then lost the 40 MB hard drive in one of my moves and had to swap out the screen using another Mac Plus I was given. It's currently my web server, and you can visit it at

Here are some pictures of my Mac Plus next to my Mac mini and the standard Mac Plus and Mac mini software packages. LEM

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